Politicising parenthood in Scandinavia: Gender relations in the welfare state

Arnlaug Leira and Anne Lise Ellingsæter  

Bristol: The Policy Press 2006   

ISBN/ISSN: 1861346468    


Introduction: politicising parenthood in Scandinavia ~ Anne Lise Ellingsæter and Arnlaug Leira;

Part One: Politicising parenthood: legacies and challenges: Parenthood change and policy reform in Scandinavia 1970s-2000s ~ Arnlaug Leira; Nordic fertility patterns: compatible with gender equality? ~ Marit Rønsen and Kare Skrede;

Part Two: Gender equality and parental choice in welfare state redesign: Nordic men on parental leave: can the welfare state change gender relations? ~ Johanna Lammi-Taskula; The public-private split rearticulated: abolishment of the Danish daddy leave ~ Anette Borchorst; The Norwegian childcare regime and its paradoxes ~ Anne Lise Ellingsæter; Parental choice and the passion for equality in Finland ~ Minna Salmi;

Part Three: Work, family and the welfare state: redefining family models: Woman-friendliness and economic depression: Finland and Sweden in the 1990s ~ Heikki Hiilamo; Working time and caring strategies: parenthood in different welfare states ~ Thomas P. Boje; Diverging paths? The dual-earner/dual-carer model in Finland and Sweden in the 1990s ~ Anita Haataja and Anita Nyberg; Lone motherhood in the Nordic countries: sole providers in the dual-breadwinner regimes ~ Anne Skevik; Epilogue: Scandinavian policies of parenthood - a success story? ~ Anne Lise Ellingsæter and Arnlaug Leira.

By Arnlaug Leira
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