Politics of Forests: Northern Forest-industrial Regimes in the Age of Globalization

Bjørnar Sæther   

Aldershot: Ashgate publishing company 2004   

ISBN/ISSN: 0-7546-4197-X

Bringing together case studies from Canada, the Nordic countries and Russia, this book is the first to provide a comparative examination of the current transformations in the forest industry regimes and the challenges these make for the communities dependent on this industry. It focuses on individual forest companies and argues that these are the main motors of the industry's internationalization, often without taking due consideration of the complex interrelations between society, the environment and forest trade. It concludes by highlighting instances of processes working toward homogenization and diversity, and suggest that while Anglo-American management practice is increasingly important accross the northern forest regions, it is also meeting with resistance, due to historical and political conditions.

Politics of Forests does us the huge favor of turning our attention toward the North to better understand the fate of the forests under capitalism. By focusing on the specific dynamics of firms operating in northern forests from the Russian taiga to the Canadian Shield to northern Scandinavia, this book clearly lays out what is at stake when local ecologies - and firms - get drawn into global circuits of capital. The fine case studies provide a complex, compelling and at times chilling, account of just how economically and ecologically central the seemingly marginal forests of the North really are.

Professor Don Mitchell, The Maxwell School of Syracuse Univerity, USA

This stimulating volume on the northern forest presents an accessible account of the internationalizing processes in operation in recent times. As such, it is of interest to a wide range of diciplines, and its encompassing of both North America and Eurasia is a feature of particular value.

Professor Alexander Mather, University of Aberdeen, UK

By Bjørnar Sæther
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