Subjectivities, Knowledges and Feminist Geographies: The Subjects and Ethics of Social Research

Victoria Ingrid Einagel, Liz Bondi, et al.  

England: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc. 2002   

ISBN/ISSN: 0-7425-1561-3

Research about people always makes assumptions about the nature of humans as subjects. This collaboration by a group of feminist researchers looks at subjectivity in relation to researchers, the researched, and audiences, as well as at the connections between subjectivity and knowledge. The authors argue that subjectivity is spatialized in embodied, multiple, and fractured ways, challenging the dominant notions of the rational, "bounded" subject. A highly original contribution to feminist geography, this book is equally relevant to social science debates about using qualitative methodologies and to ongoing discussions on the ethics of social research.

List of Contributors

Hannah Avis, Ruth Bankey, Amanda Bingley, Liz Bondi, Joyce Davidson, Rosaleen Duffy, Victoria Ingrid Einagel, Anja-Maaike Green, Lynda Johnston, Susan Lilley, Carina Listerborn, Shonagh McEwan, Mona Marshy, Niamh O'Connor, Gillian Rose, Bella Vivat, and Nichola Wood.

About The Author

The authors were all members of a feminist geography reading group at the University of Edinburgh when this volume began to take shape. Some are still at the University of Edinburgh; others are elsewhere.

By Victoria Einagel
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