Environmental regulation in the new global economy: The impact on industry and competitiveness

Hege M. Knutsen Jan Hesselberg, Rhys Jenkins, Jonathan Barton and Anthony Bartzokas  

Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing Limite 2002  

ISBN/ISSN: 1 84064 540 7  

Can economic globalization and environmental protection co-exist or does globalization inevitably lead to environmental degradation? How have firms in Europe responded to increased environmental regulation in the face of growing international competition, particularly from newly industrializing and transition economies?

This book attempts to answer these questions using case studies of three pollution-intensive industries: iron and steel, leather tanning, and fertilizers. Based on in-depth interviews with managers and regulators in Western and Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America, the book illustrates the variety of responses to the conflicting pressures of globalization and environmental protection at corporate and industry levels. It also considers the impact which shifting competitive advantage has on the environment in newly industrialized countries and transition economies.

Environmental managers and regulators of national and international environmental agencies will find Environmental Regulation in the New Global Economy of great interest, as will, academics and students of economics, environmental management, business studies, geography and international relations.


Preface Part I: An Overview by Rhys Jenkins 1. Introduction 2. Environmental Regulation, International Competitiveness and the Location of Industry 3. Environmental Regulation and Competitiveness in the European Union Part II: Environmental Regulations, Globalization of Production and Technological Change: The Iron and Steel Sector by Jonathan Barton 4. The Industry and its Environmental Impacts 5. The European Union Iron and Steel Sector 6. Steel and Environment: Industrializing and Transition Economies Part III: Leather Tanning: Environmental Regulations, Competitiveness and Locational Shifts by Jan Hesselberg and Hege Merete Knutsen 7. The Global Tanning Industry: A Commodity Chain Approach 8. The Tanning Industry in Western Europe 9. Tanning in Eastern Europe, Brazil, Mexico and India Part IV: Environmental Regulation and Industrial Restructuring: The Case of the Fertilizer Industry by Anthony Bartzokas 10. Technological Trends and Industrial Organization in the European Fertilizer Industry 11. The Fertilizer Industry in Developing Countries Part V: Conclusion by Rhys Jenkins 12. Environmental Regulation, Trade and Investment in a Global Economy References Index

By Rhys Jenkins
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