Comparative perspectives on universities

Fredrik Engelstad, Ragnvald Kalleberg, Arnlaug Leira, Grete Brochmann and Lars Mjøset (edit)  

Stamford, Connecticut: JAI PRESS INC 2000  

ISBN/ISSN: 0-7623-0679-3  



  • List of contributors
  • Introduction (R. Kalleberg).
  • Learning academic labor (P.J. Gumport).
  • Early and late adoption of knowledge products: strategic or institutional behavior? (J. Huisman, E. Beerkens).
  • The specificity of American higher education (C. Calhoun).
  • Analyzing organisational change in higher education (Å. Gornitzka, P. Maassen).
  • Policy regimes and policy change.
  • Comparing higher education reform policy in three European countries (I. Bleiklie).
  • Governmental steering and innovations in university curricula (I. Jenniskens).
  • Pushing universities to market their product: redefinitions of academic activities in Finland (M. Häyrinen-Alestalo et al.).
By Ragnvald Kalleberg
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