Kirsten Ulsrud

Kirsten Ulsrud is a PhD candidate in human geography at the University of Oslo, and has worked as a project officer at the International Project Office of the Global Environmental Change and Human Security (GECHS) project, for the previous 5 years, as well as on other projects at the Department of Sociology and Human Geography. Her PhD project is a subordinate part of the larger Solar Transitions project.
Before starting her education, she worked within marketing and in grassroots environmental groups. Five years ago she finished her master thesis about solar energy implementation experiences from India. In her work for GECHS she has done academic and administrative work, writing reports on adaptation to climate change, proposals, and small articles. She has also done information activities, reporting, budgeting, and organisation of workshops. In the EU project COMPETE, she has investigated factors influencing the sustainability of bioenergy projects in arid and semi-arid areas in Sub-Saharan Africa. Ulsruds main interests in the project are the social aspects of technological change and the active promotion of new technological systems, especially related to decentralized renewable energy with the potential of improving energy provision for poor people. In her PhD she will especially analyse the process of South-South transfer of innovations in the larger Solar Transitions project, and the outcomes of this process. She combines the socio-technical systems approach with political ecology and approaches to vulnerability and adaptive capacity of poor people.