Paul MbolePaul Mbole

Paul Mbole is a program coordinator in the Norwegian Church Aid (NCA), which is an independent, ecumenical organization working for people’s basic rights, with active operations in more than 70 countries. NCA has long term presence in Kenya as part of their regional activities in Eastern Africa.
The current activities of NCA in Kenya include activities related to gender based violence, good governance, economic justice, safe water and sanitation, climate change and HIV and aids. Within their work on climate change, NCA is involved in climate change advocacy at national, regional and global levels. NCA is also involved in a wide range of community-based climate change initiatives in Kenya focusing on a sustainable development approach to climate change adaptation and mitigation, such as rain water harvesting, sustainable livelihoods, participatory community development, bioenergy projects for local electricity supply, reforestation and afforestation. NCA’s  deep knowledge about the Kenyan society and their current and former activities in close cooperation with people at the grassrot level, forms an important background for NCA for this project, which will be useful in the action research activities and implementation of a solar energy project in Kenya. Their lessons learned in the bioenergy activities are highly relevant for their contribution in the project. The central interests of NCA in the project are on the participation of local people in the implementation of the village scale solar energy systems, as well as the linkages between the energy supply and improved quality of life and income generating activities of poor people.