Debajit Palit

A renewable energy researcher associated with TERI for last 11 years, Mr. Debajit Palit has a Masters degree in Physics and a Post Graduate diploma in Non-conventional Energy Technology.

Currently working as Fellow and Area Convenor, Lighting a Billion Lives (LaBL) Campaign in TERI, he has about 12 years job experience in designing and implementing rural energy and solar photovoltaic projects and in policy issues in renewable and distributed generation sector. He has handled over 15 projects as Project Manager or Team Leader dealing with various aspects of renewable energy and distributed generation such as technology adaptation, resource assessment & energy planning, project implementation, policy and regulatory studies, monitoring and impact assessment and capacity building both within the country as well as internationally. He has experience in working in India, Bhutan and Myanmar and is currently responsible for strategic alliance and implementation of LaBL campaign and for extending the LaBL to African countries. 

He is also Member, Consultancy Evaluation-cum Monitoring Committee of the Planning Commission, Government of India on National Rural Electrification Program 2009.  He also represented TERI in the Sub-group on Distribution including village and household electrification of the 11th Five Year Plan - Working Group on Power, 2006 and contributed during the development of guidelines for the decentralized distributed generation program under the National Rural Electrification Program of the Government of India. 

He has authored a book on rural electricity distribution franchisees, contributed 14 technical papers in journals, conference proceedings and books and has written more than 20 invited and feature articles for various newspapers and publications. He has participated in various national and international conferences and workshops and is life member of a number of professional and academic organizations (Solar Energy Society of India, Indian Science Congress Association and Asia Pacific Mountain Forum).