Benard Muok

Benard Muok holds a PhD in Agriculture from Kyoto Prefectural University (Japan) as well as both MSc and BSc degrees in Forestry from Moi University (Kenya).

Dr. Muok has worked for over 10 years in research and management of natural resources focusing on energy access, food security as well as environmental conservation, climate change and water security. He possesses a wide knowledge of participatory technology development and transfer processes applied in natural resource management for improved livelihoods in rural communities.  Dr. Muok started his career with the Kenya Forestry Research Institute where he rose to the level of a Senior Research Officer and managed several national and bilateral projects including Japan/Kenya funded Social Forestry Extension Model Development Project and Country coordinator of AFORNET/SIDA SAREC regional project on use and conservation of indigenous fruit trees in East Africa. Dr. Muok is currently the Project Manager of Policy Innovation Systems for Clean Energy Security (PISCES) Project under African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS). PISCES is a five-year Research Programme Consortium to develop new knowledge for the sustainable use of bioenergy to improve access and livelihoods in poor communities. As the project manager, his responsibilities are to oversee the project implementation in all the partner countries Kenya, Tanzania, India, Sri Lanka and United Kingdom and ensure timely implementation of the project work plan, communication strategy and monitoring and evaluation. Dr. Muok has published extensively in international journals and books.