Project Members


Participants Institution Discipline Country
Prof. Karen O'Brien (chair)  University of Oslo  Human Geography  Norway
Kirsten Ulsrud (coordinator)  University of Oslo  Human Geography  Norway
Dr. Siri E. H. Eriksen  Noragric, University of Life Sciences  Human Geography  Norway
Dr. Tanja Winther  University of Oslo  Anthropology  Norway
Researcher Debajit Palit  TERI  Distributed energy   generation  India
Ass. Prof. Harald Rohracher  Inter University Centre of Technology,  Work and Culture  Sociology  Austria
Gathu Kirubi  Independent academic consultant  Energy and resources management  Kenya
Senior Consultant Charles  Muchunku  Camco  Physics and energy  Kenya
Dr. Benard Muok  African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS)  Participatory technology development  Kenya
Dir. Anjali Saini  Integrated Energy Solutions  Environmental Management  Kenya
Program coordinator Paul Mbole  Norwegian Church Aid, East Africa  Development Cooperation  Kenya
K. Rahul Sharma TERI Renewable Energy Engineering and Management  India