Documentary film on our action research project Ikisaya Energy Centre

The documentary film is made by Marius Mass Grøtvedt, for the Solar Transitions project and Spire.

The documentary takes place in the rural village Ikisaya in Kenya, far away from the national electricitygrid.

We follow the employees and the commmunity at the new solar energy powerplant, while they are preparing the startup and the operation of the new energy centre. The powerplant-project is developed by the researchproject Solar Transitions  

Ikisaya Energy Centre from MG Film on Vimeo.

A master student at SUM who writes her masters thesis about the solar
energy project in Iksiaya, has presented the documentary film with these

"Imagine Ikisaya. A small village with 400 households in an area of
40km2. Many hours of bumpy, sandy and sometimes muddy roads before
reaching the nearest town, Kitui. Lack of water, lack of food. Only a
few of the houses have latrines. Snakes and scorpions everywhere. And
after 18:00 - total darkness. The only light you can get is the smoky
light from the paraffin lamps, or the even smokier light from the

- Before this small 2,5 kilowatt-energy centre with its 160 lanterns, 50
charging points for mobile phones, 32inch TV, laptop and printer turned
village life upside down. Now people can do their chores after darkness.
The children can study. The shops and small cafes can stay open. If a
snake gets into the house, you can actually search for it. You can milk
the goats and cook without a torch in your mouth. You don't have to walk
2 hours just to charge your phone or print some documents. You can
finally know what your prime minister looks like, as you can now see him
on TV. A small centre made a huge difference in peoples lives.
Inspiring." (Sited from the blog of Lan Marie Nguien Berg,


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