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Climate Change - what does it mean to me?

At present, much attention is being focused on what the climate will be like in the next decades. A number of newly launched projects under Norway's research programme on climate change, NORKLIMA, will explore how climate change affects humans and society and what we can do to adapt to the changes to come. Read the full article by the Research Council of Norway.

Project brochure

A full-color brochure about the PLAN project is available in English [PDF, 1.4Mb].


Project leder Karen O'Brien gives a  short introduction to the PLAN project.


Read about the PLAN project in the alumni magazine for UiO's Department of Human Geography, published Spring, 2007.

Project poster

A poster outlining the different subprojects is available in English.

Insights from the PLAN project

Presentation of PLAN project at MD (Ministry of the Environment), May 2010.

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