Young adults of ethnic minority background on the Norwegian labour market

Professor Katrine Fangen and Researcher at PRIO, Erlend Paasche, have written the article "Young adults of ethnic minority background on the Norwegian labour market: The interactional co-instruction of exclusion by employers and customers" published in the December 2012 issue of the journal Ethnicities. An abstract of the article is located below and the full article is available here.



Labour market participation is commonly conceptualized as an indicator of immigrant integration, although integration is not something that should be conflated with inclusion. The mere fact of employment is no silver bullet. The sociology of work needs to consider experiences of exclusion both before and after entry to the labour market. This article is based on a 25-case selection of 50 in-depth interviews that we conducted with young adults of ethnic minority background in Norway. We analyse their experiences of, and reactions to, exclusion in the labour market. While for several interviewees the possibility of being met with ethnic prejudice from employers looms large, more experiences of this sort were reported among interviewees engaged in customer contact, where the inside of an organization intersects with the outside world.

By T. Sarin
Published Aug. 27, 2014 11:20 AM