Increased possibilities to apply for EU-funding

More and more money can be accessed through the EU’s framework programme. The budget of the Seventh Framework Programme (2007–2013) consists of 425 billion kroner. In order to receive such funding, the research must be exceptional. To receive EU-funding is, therefore, a stamp of quality for the project. “The University of Oslo will strengthen the support network surrounding those who wish to apply for EU-funding”, says University Director Gunn-Elin Aa. Bjørneboe.

“It is important to be ambitious when it comes to obtaining approval for our projects. The high ambitions are consistent with Minister of Research and Higher Education Tora Aasland’s appeal in regards to exploiting the possibilities which are available in the EU’s seventh framework programme. “Norway’s contribution is nine billion kroner. We should be able to collect some of this back,” she says. Those who succeed in getting EU-funding receive additional state funds.  “We hope that as many of our researchers as possible become coordinators for international research projects”. Senior researcher Katrine Fangen is the coordinator of a research programme which will study the integration of young immigrants in European countries. She has succeeded without being a veteran.

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Tags: EU, Europe, FP7 By Margareth Bentsen
Published Sep. 22, 2010 2:01 PM - Last modified Aug. 16, 2013 11:02 AM