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Borders – Winter Seminar in Human Geography 2021

The winter seminar is a meeting place for human geographers where we discuss topics that are relevant across the discipline's different tracks. This year's theme is "borders".

air photo of poor and rich neighborhood

We have chosen to keep the conference theme and the programme of the cancelled 2020 event: “borders” – borders interpreted in their widest sense. Borders of different kinds frame our lives. Many of them are also sources of conflict, whether they are territorial boundaries, language barriers, ice sheet edges, personal boundaries, infection protection safety zones during the covid-19 pandemic, toll roads/’bomringer’ or socionatural boundaries. Human Geography has contributed to a better understanding of borders. While we often take them for granted, they remain central to the work of many in the discipline. Paradoxically, we can say that boundaries help bring us together. Our ambition for the winter seminar is to stimulate vibrant discussions between colleagues and peers across the country. Hopefully, many of you will find interest in the event and in the topic. 

The Winter Seminar in Human Geography 2021 will be organised as an all-digital event 10-12 March 2021. MA and BA students, PhDs, postdocs and staff at geography departments in Norway, as well as everyone else who call themselves human geographers or find human geography useful in their work are welcome to attend.

The seminar will take place over three days in March, arranged on the digital meeting platform Zoom. The event will be held in both English and Norwegian. We will endeavour to have a good balance of both languages.


See the programme.


Conference registration is now open. The seminar is free of charge.

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