CANCELED: Borders – Winter seminar in Human Geography 2020

ISS will host the second Winter Seminar in Human Geography  in Oslo, inviting social geographers from all over the country to academic discussions and socializing.

Illustrasjonsbilde av fattig og rikt boligområde med tekst: "Borders"
Photo: Google Earth

Canceled to prevent coronavirus infection. 

We hope to be able to arrange the seminar at a later date.




Save the dates: 19 - 20 March 2020!

Preliminary invitation

For the second year running, the Department of Sociology and Human Geography at the University of Oslo hosts a winter seminar in Human Geography.

MA students, PhDs, postdocs and staff at geography departments in Norway, as well as 
everyone else who calls themselves human geographers or finds human geography useful in their work are welcome to attend.


Next year’s theme is borders.

Borders can be interpreted in their widest sense. Borders of different kinds frame our lives. Many of them are also sources of conflict, whether they are territorial boundaries, language barriers, ice sheet edges, personal boundaries, toll roads/’bomringer’ or socionatural boundaries. Human Geography has contributed to a better understanding of borders. While we often take them for granted, they remain central to the work of many in the discipline. Paradoxically, we can say that boundaries help bring us together.

Our ambition for the winter seminar is to stimulate vibrant discussions between colleagues and peers across the country. Hopefully, many of you will find interest in the event and in this year’s topic, and use it as inspiration for taking part, organising sessions or other meetings. 

The seminar will take place over two days in March, and includes an evening event. The seminar will be held in both Norwegian and English. We will endeavour to have a good balance of both languages. Please indicate in your application which language you plan to present in. We encourage sessions in English as well as sessions that work creatively with both languages.

We hereby invite people to suggest sessions under the seminar theme, with different foci and formats. MA students will be able to get assistance for producing posters. 


VENUE:   Professorboligen, Karl Johans gate 47, Oslo 
DATES:  19. og 20. mars 2020

NOTE: The seminar is free of charge, but participants must provide travel, accommodation and food (except lunch) for themselves.



If you have any questions, please send an email to or 





09:00   Welcome

09:05   Keynote: Transgressing boundaries in geographic   scholarship, Associate Professor Hilde Refstie,   NTNU

10:00   Coffee

10:30   Sessions

  • Faghistorisk panel, med Britt Dale, Jan Hesselberg   og Arild Holt-Jensen
  • Grenser og plankart, med bl.a. Mikaela   Vasstrøm og Kjell Overvåg12:00  Lunch

12:45  Short presentation of student posters

13:00  Keynote: Geopolitical Fault-line Cities, Professor   Michael Gentile, UiO

14:00  Coffee

14:30  Sessions

  • the Norwegian-Swedish border, with Bjørnar   Sæther, Peter de Souza, Olof Stjärnström, Ivar S.   Holand
  • Language barriers and exclusions in Norwegian Human geography, with Siddarth Sareen, Yngve   Heiret and others
  • Tekst og rom, med bl.a. Jørgen Alnæs, Anne Hege Simonsen

19:00  Byens yttergrenser og andre bomringer,   Kveldssesjon på Bruket, Landbrukets hus om med   blant annet Håvard Haarstad og Tarje Wanvik



09:00   Keynote: Geography in the age of the ice edge,   Associate Professor Berit Kristoffersen, UiT

10:00   Coffee

10:30   Sessions

  • MA Student session, by and for MA students
  • Nordic PhD collaboration – do we need it? with   Gunhild Setten
  • Presentation of special issue of "Local   Environment“, with Siddarth Sareen, Kenneth Bo Nielsen, Kirsten Ulsrud and others.

12:00  Lunch

12:45  Announcement of MA Student Award Winner

13:00  Keynote: The assemblage of culture-led policies in   small towns and rural communities by Vice Rector   Hans Kjetil Lysgård, UiA

14:00  Coffee

14:30  Sessions

  • Geographical perspectives on migration and borders, with Marta Bivand Erdal, Mette      Strømsøe, Andreas Forø Tollefsen
  • Urban boundaries, with Lars Böcker, Per Gunnar Røe and others
  • 16:00  End



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