Call for papers

NCSR 2018 seeks original, high quality papers related to the sessions below. Deadline for submitting an abstract is April 6, 2018. 

  • Paper proposals are due on April 6. 2018
  • Decision Notification: April 30. 2018
  • Registration open: April 30. 2018
  • Registration closes: June 15. 2018

Please submit your paper in one of the following sessions. If your paper does not fit any session, please submit it to the MISCELLANEOUS PAPERS, and the local committee will place your paper in a suitable session or organize a new session.

List of sessions (For more information, click on the titles below):

1. Religion and extremism 2. Religious diversity: Experiences and responses 3. The politics of religious nationalist exclusion

4. Mosques in Europe - Conceptual questions and emperical challenges

5. Religion and humour - negotiation and conflict

6. Majority religions, migrants and integration

7. Religion in western secular democracies: In flux or inflexible?

8. Religion, politics and human rights

9. Journalism, secularization and religion

10. Woman`s body between sacred and secular

11. Religion, life course and the lifespan in changing societies

12. Religious rituals and change

13. Youth and religion

14. Interacting with religious movements 

15. Hybrid religious identities - methodological implications

16. Religion in care - care in religion

17. Contesting religion, the media dynamics of cultural conflicts in Scandinavia

18. Majority religions and non-religion

19. Interreligious relations - bridgde-building, dialogues and governmentality

20. The category of "Religion" and state control

21. The impact of relgion on welfare, health and wellbeing.

Miscellaneous papers

The abstract should:

  • Be no longer than 200 words.
  • Include the title of the paper and the session it refers to (if your paper does not fit into any of the proposed sessions, choose “MISCELLANEOUS PAPERS”).
  • Include your contact details (name, affiliation, email), and possible other authors of the paper.

If you have any questions, please contact Inger Furseth.

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