University of Oslo

The conference will take place at the Eilert Sundt building and Harriet Holter's house at the University of Oslo, Moltke Moes vei 31.

Getting to the University of Oslo


Metro services from the centre:

  • 4 Vestli via Storo
  • 5 Ringen via Storo
  • 5 Sognsvann


  • Disembark at the Forskningsparken stop.
  • Exit the platform on the same side where you arrived, and walk straight (following the tram lines) until you come to the University. Continue to the second tall (12-story) building, which is the Eilert Sundt building.Harriet Holter's house is located right next to it.


Tram services from the centre:

  • 17 Rikshospitalet
  • 18 Rikshospitalet


  • Disembark at Universitetet Blindern.
  • Then, on the left, you have two tall buildings. The Eilert Sundt building is the one to the left and Harriet Holter's house is located right next to it.


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