Conference program

The Disease Prestige and Informal Priority Settings closing conference will be held in Oslo, January 29, 2018. The conference is located in Store møterom, Georg Sverdrups House, Blindern.

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University rector Svein Stølen

Opening address
12:15 Professor Annemarie Jutel

Keynote: Telling it like it is: Diagnosis, narratives and the configurations of power

13:00 Dag Album Commentaries to professor Jutel’s lecture

13:15-13:30 Coffee break 

13:30 Professor Ole Berg From respect and admiration to popularity and "objective" assessments:
The Changing Foundation of the Evaluation of Physicians. 
13:45 PhD students Erik Børve Rasmussen and Lars Johannessen The future of disease prestige
14:00 Professor Marit Haldar Health priorities as rhetorical work
14:15 Professor Jan Grue A Literary Treatment of Disease Prestige: John William's Stoner

14:30-15:00 Coffee break 

15:00 Professor Karin Widerberg Prestisje, et institusjonelt etnografisk perspektiv
(Prestige, an institutional ethnography perspective)
15:15 Professor Grete Brochmann Anseelse og mening. På jakt etter migrasjonsforskningens thorax-avdeling
(Esteem and meaning. Hunting for the migration research’s thorax department)
15:30 Professor Lise Kjølsrød Spesialisert lek - et negativt case? ( Specialized play - a negative case?)
16:00 Reception for Dag Album KLUBBEN

In honour of professor Dag Album and his work in medical sociology, the Department of Sociology and Human Geography will host a reception in Klubben from 16-17.  Refreshments will be served.


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