Gunn E. Birkelund: "Do employers discriminate by gender? Evidence from six comparative cross-national harmonized field experiments.” Invited guest lecture at European University Institute, Interdisciplinary Experimental Working Group (ECO/SPS), 21.02.2019. 


Gunn E. Birkelund:  "The intergenerational transmission of social advantage: Is social class (still) a good measure?" Invited guest lecture at European University Institute, the Inequality Working Group, 22.02.2019.


Gunn E Birkelund and Edvard Nergård Larsen participates at GEMM meeting at Amsterdam University, 12-13.02.2019.


Gunn E. Birkelund: Realfagsfrokost, Om diskriminering. RF-kjelleren, 8.30-9.30, 7.02.2019.