CANCELLED: When Public Spaces are Also Private

We are pleased to invite you to the next event of the Cities & Society seminar series: When Public Spaces are Also Private by Karen Franck from New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Foto: New Jersey Institute of Technology

This lecture is unfortunately CANCELLED due to sickness.

About the lecture:

Traditional public spaces like streets and squares and most parks are easily seen as public spaces: they are owned by the government and are open to all without the necessity of payment. In the 20th century other kinds of urban spaces, which began to appear in cities and suburbs and then to proliferate, are public in some respects but private it in others. Even the urban spaces that were formerly, clearly public began to take on features that made them, also, private. Hence the term “privatization of public space”. This presentation will examine in a systematic manner the various features that make urban spaces that are accessible to citizens without payment both public and private at the same time, using cases from the US and many from New York City as examples.

About the speaker:

Karen A. Franck, PhD, is a professor in the College of Architecture and Design at the New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark where she also directs the Joint PhD Program in Urban Systems. Over the years she has written on a wide range of topics in architecture including alternative housing in New Households, New Housing, designing with the client in Design through Dialogue; and the meanings and uses of types in architecture and design in Ordering Space. She has pursued a long-term interest in public space that began with research she conducted with architect/planner Oscar Newman in the 1970s and continued with Loose Space: Possibility and Diversity in Urban Life (2007) and most recently with Memorials as Spaces of Engagement: Design, Use and Meaning (2015).

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