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Application and scholarship

Master’s degree students at the University of Oslo who are in their final year of studies, are eligible to apply for grant from Osloforskning. 


The grant is up to 30,000 NOK for work on master's theses having topics related to Oslo. 

Many topics and subject areas are relevant, and all interesting project proposals will be given serious consideration. Relevant topics include: health, environment and living conditions, housing conditions, minority cultures, history, architecture, language and public policy.

Only students in their final year can apply, preferably after finished collecting all data. Your Master thesis need to be submitted no more than one year after you won the grant.

Please note that all applicants must be affiliated with the University of Oslo. The scholarship is advertised once a year from 2021. The application deadline is September 15th every year.


How to apply for a scholarship/grant for research

The topic of the research must be related to Oslo. This is a mandatory requirement.

Applications must be accompanied by the following:

  • a completely filled-out Application form
  • a summary of your project outline, maximum 200 words. The summary must be submitted on a separate sheet, labelled with the project’s title and the applicant's name.
  • a separate project description including a bibliographical reference list totalling 4-5 pages (see separate point below)
  • a transcript of marks from the place of learning (in PDF or from the Diploma portal; no photo images or screen shots)
  • a recommendation from your academic advisor

The project description must contain:

  1. The project's content and research question (what will be addressed) and an assessment of feasibility
  2. Relevance for Osloforskning
  3. Theoretical frame
  4. Data and method to be used
  5. Ethical considerations on the design of the project

Note: All attachments must be uploaded to the Web Form in PDF format. We receive the application electronically when you press "submit".

In case of questions, get in touch with Katalin Godberg, Department of Sociology and Human Geography.

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