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Osloforskning is introducing two categories of grant announcements effective spring 2018

Both master’s degree students and researchers at the University of Oslo are eligible to apply for support under I. Scholarship/grant for research and II. Financial support for dissemination.

I. Scholarship/Grant for research

Osloforskning announces grants for postgraduate students. Twice a year, master's level students can apply for grants of 30,000 NOK for work on master's theses having topics related to Oslo. Researchers can also apply for financial support and can receive a larger grant.

Many topics and subject areas are relevant, and all interesting project proposals (5-7 pages) will be given serious consideration. Relevant topics include: health, environment and living conditions, housing conditions, minority cultures, history, architecture, language and public policy.

Please note that all applicants must be affiliated with the University of Oslo. The scholarship is advertised twice a year with application deadlines 15 February in the spring semester and 15 September in the autumn semester.

How does one apply for a scholarship/grant for research?


II. Financial support for dissemination

Research about Oslo and the Oslo region is growing rapidly, but much of the research reaches a modest readership. A steady flow of articles are published in international journals, as well as in books published by international publishers, but without the results being disseminated to the public. There are also marked boundaries between the research communities and the authorities, and sometimes across the research communities.

Osloforskning wants to rectify this situation by supporting events and activities that convey the results to a wider audience. This may involve conferences, seminars, workshops, exhibitions or digital presentations. It can also encompass new texts, such as articles or books that diffuse clear and easy-to-understand knowledge. The projects must relate to Oslo through a depiction of Oslo's challenges or Oslo’s distinctive traits. It will not suffice merely to include Oslo in studies of national scope; it is also insufficient merely to conduct the research in Oslo. We stipulate no requirements to academic approach – staff members from all faculties may apply. Researchers at institutions other than the University of Oslo may not appear on the application as formal applicants, but may participate in the projects.

Osloforskning will ordinarily award grants of between 50,000 and 150,000 NOK in this category. The first deadline for applications is 15 February 2018.

How does one apply for financial support for dissemination?

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