Tina Baier

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Phone +47 22858614
Visiting address Moltke Moes vei 31 Harriet Holters hus 0851 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1096 Blindern 0317 Oslo

Academic interests

Social Inequality, Social Science Genetics, Education, Family, Life Course, Quantitative Methods

Courses taught

  • https://www.uio.no/studier/emner/sv/iss/sos9009/
  • https://www.uio.no/studier/emner/sv/iss/sos2950/


Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Oslo, Department of Sociology and Human Geography, ERC Project Openflux, since 2020  

Postdoctoral Fellow, Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories (LIfBi), Department Educational Decisions and Processes, Migration, Returns to Education, 2018-2020

Research Fellow, Bielefeld University/DIW Berlin, Department of Sociology, Chair of Social Structure and Social Inequality: Prof. Dr. Martin Diewald, DFG Long-Term Project TwinLife, 2013-2018

Research Associate, Center for Interdisciplinary Research (Zif) at Bielefeld University, Research Group Genetic and Social Causes of Life Chances, Convenors: Prof. Dr. Martin Diewald, Prof. Dr. Rainer Riemann, 2015-2016

Research Fellow, Berlin Social Science Center (WZB), President's Research Group, 2012-2013

Research Assistant, Berlin Social Science Center (WZB), President's Research Group, 2011


Finalist for the European Consortium for Sociological Research (ECSR) PhD Thesis Prize 2020

Finalist for the Leibniz Dissertation Prize 2020

INVEST Fellowship, University of Turku, Finland, 2020

Best Poster Prize at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the Population Association of America (PAA), Chicago (IL), USA

European Consortium for Sociological Research (ECSR) Internship Grant, 2019

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Exchange Fellowship, 2008

Publications (Selection)

Baier T. (2020). What Have Genes Got to do with it? How Social and Genetic Influences Contribute to Differences in Educational Success within the Family. Bielefeld: Universität Bielefeld. doi:10.4119/unibi/2940317.

Baier, T. and  Van Winkle, Z. (2020). Does Parental Separation lower Genetic Influences on Children’s School-Related Skills? The Journal of Marriage and Family. doi.org/10.1111/jomf.12730.

Baier, T. and Lang, V. (2019). The Social Stratification of Environmental and Genetic Influences on Educational Attainment: New Evidence Using a Register-Based Twin Sample. Sociological Science, 6, 143–171. doi:10.15195/v6.a6.

Baier, T. (2019). Does Sibling and Twin Similarity in Cognitive Ability Differ by Parents’ Education? Journal of Family Research, 1, 58–82. doi:10.3224/zff.v31i1.04.

Hahn, E., Gottschling, J., Bleidorn, W., Kandler, C., Spengler, M., Kornadt, A.E., Schulz, W., Schunck, R., Baier, T., Krell, K., Lang, V., Lenau, F., Peters, A.-L., Diewald, M., Riemann, R., and Spinath, F.M. (2016). What Drives the Development of Social Inequality over the Life Course? The German TwinLife Study. Twin Research and Human Genetics, 19, 6, 659–672. doi:10.1017/thg.2016.76.

Diewald, M., Baier, T., Schunck, R., and Schulz, W. (2015). Status Attainment and Social Mobility - How Can Genetics Contribute to an Understanding of their Causes? Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie, 67, 1 (Supplement Social Demography), 371–395. doi:10.1007/978-3-658-11490-9_16.

Diewald, M., Schulz, W., and Baier, T. (2015). Intergenerational Downward Mobility in Educational Attainment and Occupational Careers in West Germany in the Twentieth Century. European Sociological Review, 31, 2, 172–183. doi:10.1093/esr/jcv010.

Baier, T. and Helbig, M. (2014). Much Ado about €500: Do Tuition Fees Keep German Students from Entering University? Evidence from a Natural Experiment Using DiD Matching Methods. Educational Research and Evaluation: An International Journal on Theory and Practice, 20, 2, 98–121. doi:10.1080/13803611.2014.881745.

Helbig, M., Baier, T., and Kroth, A. (2012). Die Auswirkung von Studiengebühren auf die Studierneigung in Deutschland: Evidenz aus einem natürlichen Experiment auf Basis der HIS-Studienberechtigtenbefragung [The Effect of Tuition Fees on the Inclination to Study in Germany: Evidence from Natural Experiment Based on a HIS Survey of Individuals Eligible for University Entrance]. Zeitschrift für Soziologie, 41, 3, 227–246. doi:10.1515/zfsoz-2012-0305.








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