Emma Mary Louisa Arnold

Postdoctoral Fellow - Sosiologi og samfunnsgeografi
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Room 318
Available hours Upon appointment
Visiting address Moltke Moes vei 31 Harriet Holters hus 0851 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1096 Blindern 0317 Oslo

Emma Arnold (BSc, MSc, PgDip, PhD) is an artist and human geographer whose work touches on cultural and urban geography, geohumanities, environmental issues, and the arts. She uses photography and artistic/aesthetic methods to explore a range of topics from graffiti and street art to environmental activism in the city. She is passionate about exploring and building theory, experimenting with methods, and art in all its diverse forms.

Research interests

  • Aesthetic politics
  • Artistic/aesthetic methods
  • Climate activism/artivism
  • Climate fiction and literary geography
  • Graffiti and street art
  • Psychogeography
  • Urban photography

More about her work here: http://emmaarnold.org

More about her postdoctoral project here: http://laxlab.org

Tags: Aesthetic politics, Aesthetics, Art, Cultural geography, Human geography, Urban geography, Visual methods


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  • Arnold, Emma Mary Louisa (2022). Prøvde å «ta» Munch: – Jeg ville ikke, men jeg måtte (by Torgeir Knutsen). [Internet]. https://www.tv2.no/nyheter/innenriks/provde-a-ta-munch-jeg-v.
  • Arnold, Emma Mary Louisa (2022). Urban Political Podcast: Troubling Graffiti and Street Art. [Radio]. https://urbanpolitical.podigee.io/48-graffiti_streetart.
  • Arnold, Emma Mary Louisa (2022). Artivism: The art of creating social change.
  • Arnold, Emma Mary Louisa (2022). Photography, composition, and the activist city.
  • Arnold, Emma Mary Louisa (2021). Slik vil de gjøre en bydel med «dårlig rykte» mer attraktiv (by Victoria Marie Nordahl). [Internet]. https://www.nrk.no/sorlandet/slik-vil-de-gjore-en-bydel-med-.
  • Sanchez Laws, Ana Luisa; Broderstad, Else Grete; Nordahl Carlsen, Anna; Arnold, Emma Mary Louisa & Gross, Lena (2021). Civil disobedience, non-violence, democracy and climate change.
  • Arnold, Emma Mary Louisa (2020). How fiction can persuade readers that climate change is real (by Anna Colivicchi). [Internet]. euronews.
  • Arnold, Emma (2020). Book review: Graffiti and street art: Reading, Writing, and Representing the City, Edited by Konstantinos Avramidis and Myrto Tslilimpounidi. Urban Studies. ISSN 0042-0980. doi: 10.1177/0042098019898406.
  • Arnold, Emma (2020). Oslo to London by train: An academic, artistic, and climate activist performance — Withdrawn due to Coronavirus pandemic.
  • Arnold, Emma (2020). Revealing/concealing/appealing through artistic photography of the climate activist movement — Cancelled due to Coronavirus pandemic.
  • Arnold, Emma (2020). Gold foil and angels on the streets of Berlin: Art/photography and climate activism — Cancelled due to Coronavirus pandemic .
  • Arnold, Emma (2020). Art + activism = ARTIVISM.
  • Arnold, Emma (2019). Byrommet er seksualisert og kvinnefiendtlig (by Anne Bitsch). [Internet]. Kilden.
  • Arnold, Emma (2019). The urban space is sexualised and misogynistic (by Anne Bitsch). [Internet]. Kilden.
  • Arnold, Emma (2019). Forlot forsk­ningen i flyskam (by Roya Shahibzadeh). [Newspaper]. Universitas.
  • Arnold, Emma (2019). Moderator for panel debate on sustainability, Norwegian national identity, and outdoor advertising.
  • Arnold, Emma (2019). Panel discussion about Oslo and the European Green Capital Award.
  • Arnold, Emma (2019). Love and rage! Oslo to London by train (and back).
  • Arnold, Emma (2019). La olja ligge — Let the oil be! Oil and the aesthetic politics of climate activism in Oslo.
  • Arnold, Emma (2019). Crossing lines: Climate activism, Extinction Rebellion, and disrupting the city through non-violent direct action.
  • Arnold, Emma (2019). An introduction to photography and theory-building.
  • Arnold, Emma (2018). Book review: Routledge Handbook of Graffiti and Street Art, Edited by Jeffrey Ian Ross. Journal of Urban Design. ISSN 1357-4809. doi: 10.1080/13574809.2018.1533400.
  • Arnold, Emma (2016). Women`s right to the city.

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