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Cathrine Holst is Professor at the Department of Sociology and Human Geography, University of Oslo.

Academic interests

Cathrine Holst's main fields of academic interest are political sociology and democracy research, social and political theory, the role of knowledge and expertise in policy and politics, EU, European integration and the Nordic model, gender policy, feminist theory and gender studies.

In 2020/2021 Holst is connected to Centre for Advanced Studies (CAS) at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters. Holst and Jakob Elster are leaders of one of the research groups at CAS and the project What is a good policy? Political morality, feasibility and democracy (GOODPOL). Holst is leader of a sub-project under PEriTiA (Policy, Expertise and Trust 2020-2022). Together with Willy Pedersen she is in charge of a study of changes in Norwegian drug policy (under the project PROMENTA). She is also connected to Centre for Research on Gender Equality (CORE), Institute for Social Research.


  • SOS1000 Innføring i sosiologi
  • SOS1001 Introduksjon til sosiologi
  • SOS2001 Moderne sosialteori
  • SOS4200 Arbeidsliv og velferdsstat
  • SOS 4016 Individuelt leseemne i sosiologi
  • SOS 9234 New Trends in Contemporary Social Theory
  • STV 4436 Politikk og forvaltning i sentraladministrasjonen
  • STV 4108 Ideer og makt: Kritiske tilnærminger i statsvitenskap


Holst has a dr. polit.-degree from University of Bergen (2005). From 2005 to 2007 she was Associate Professor in philosophy of the social sciences, University of Bergen.

She has been guest researcher at QoG (Quality of Government), University of Gothenburg (2014), Robert Schuman Centre, European University Institute, Firenze (2012), Hans Jonas-Zentrum, Freie Universität, Berlin (2004), and New School for Social Research, New York (2001)

Holst has directed several research projects, including EUREX: Expertization of Public Inquiry Commissions in a Europeanized Administrative Order (2016-2020) and EPISTO: Why not Epistocracy? Political Legitimacy and the Fact of Expertise (2012-2016). She was member of the Norwegian Gender+ Equality Commission (2010-2012). She is an experienced journal editor and has had columns in several Norwegian newspapers. Holst is member of The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, and is currently Head of Board for the Science Studies Colloquium Series at the University of Oslo, see

Tags: Democracy, Expertise, European integration, Political theory, Gender policy, Feminist Theory
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