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Phone +47 22855247
Mobile phone +4748234054
Room 316
Visiting address Moltke Moes vei 31 Harriet Holters hus 0851 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1096 Blindern 0317 OSLO

Academic interests

Trade unions in Africa, Nigeria, Political economy of oil, Social movements.  

Courses taught

Guest lecturer at OsloMet, NMBU and Columbia University, New York. 
Course responsible for "Global Political Economy", as part of master program in International Relations, NMBU.
Various teaching in development studies as work duty as part of PhD.  


2011-2017 PhD Fellow, Developmentstudies, Noragric, NMBU 

2006-2011 Africa Adviser, Norwegian Confederation of Trade Union (LO)

2006 Executive Officer, The Peace Research Institute in Oslo, PRIO

2003-2006 Executive Director, Norwegian Council for Africa 


I am part of the project "WAGE: Arbeid og organisering i en grønn økonomi".

CV (pdf)


  • Houeland, Camilla; Jordhus-Lier, David Christoffer & Angell, Frida Hambro (2020). Solidarity tested: The case of the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO‐Norway) and its contradictory climate change policies. Area (London 1969).  ISSN 0004-0894. . doi: 10.1111/area.12608
  • Houeland, Camilla (2018). Between the street and Aso Rock*: the role of Nigerian trade unions in popular protests. Journal of Contemporary African Studies.  ISSN 0258-9001.  36(1), s 103- 120 . doi: 10.1080/02589001.2017.1396297 Show summary
  • Houeland, Camilla (2015). Casualisation and Conflict in the Niger Delta: Nigerian Oil Workers' Unions Between Companies and Communities. Revue Tiers Monde.  ISSN 1293-8882.  (224), s 25- 46 Show summary

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  • Houeland, Camilla (2020). Arbeidere, ikke helter. Bistandsaktuelt.  ISSN 1501-0201.
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  • Houeland, Camilla & Jordhus-Lier, David Christoffer (2020). Oljearbeidernes dilemma. KLIMA - Et magasin om klimaforskning fra CICERO.
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  • Houeland, Camilla (2019). Olje – ressursen der ute: Tilknytningsformer - arbeidsplass og lokalsamfunn/fellesskap.
  • Houeland, Camilla (2019). Oljens forbannelse?.
  • Houeland, Camilla (2019). Panelsamtale om klima og utvikling.
  • Houeland, Camilla (2019, 13. februar). Valget i Nigeria: To menn fra den gamle politiske eliten kjemper om de unges stemmer. [Fagblad].  Bistandsaktuelt.
  • Houeland, Camilla (2019). "Working for Oil: Comparative Social Histories of Labor in the Global Oil Industry, T. Atabaki, E. Bini, K. Ehsani (Eds.), Palgrave Macmillan (2018).". The Extractive Industries and Society.  ISSN 2214-790X.
  • Houeland, Camilla & lundh, live (2019, 18. februar). Balanse mellom nord og sør.  Vårt Land.
  • Jordhus-Lier, David Christoffer; Houeland, Camilla & Hambro Angell, Frida (2019). Interests and perspectives on climate change among organised labour: The case of the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO-NORWAY).
  • Braathen, Einar; Houeland, Camilla & Aasen, Berit (2018). Civil society under pressure - A synthesis study of evaluations of Civil Society Organisations’ democratisation and human rights work in Southern and Eastern Africa. Show summary
  • Houeland, Camilla (2018). Hva er det med Sør-Afrika? Eksepsjonalisme eller eksempel.
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  • Houeland, Camilla (2018). The struggle for a minimum wage in Nigeria. Africa Is A Country (Blog).
  • Houeland, Camilla (2017, 23. mars). Interview on the crisis in Nigeria.. [Radio].  NRK Dagsnytt atten.
  • Houeland, Camilla (2017). Punching above their weight: Nigerian trade unions in the political economy of oil..
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av offerbildet i Nigeria. Vårt land.  ISSN 0805-5424.
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  • Houeland, Camilla (2015). Labor protests in Swaziland: when no news is not good news. Africa Is A Country (Blog).
  • Houeland, Camilla (2015). Popular protest against fuel subsidy removal: Nigerian trade unions as mediator of a social contract.
  • Houeland, Camilla (2015). Popular protest against fuel subsidy removal. Nigerian trade unions as protector of a social contract.
  • Houeland, Camilla (2014, 14. februar). Afrika, protester. [Radio].  Radio Nova - Opplysningen.
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  • Houeland, Camilla (2014). Nigerian trade unions navigating in the political economy of oil: a case study of the 2012 fuel subsidy strike.
  • Houeland, Camilla (2014). How do we judge Nigeria’s Abiola family? New documentary film on the history of Nigeria democracy movement. Africa Is A Country (Blog).
  • Houeland, Camilla & Bjørkhaug, Ingunn (2014). Ebola-epidemiens lokale helter. Dagsavisen - Nye Meninger.
  • Houeland, Camilla (2013). Bistand - en snapshot historie og framtidsrefleksjoner.
  • Houeland, Camilla (2013). Bistand: Virker det?.
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  • Houeland, Camilla (red.) (2013). Nigeria: Online leksikon-artikkel.
  • Houeland, Camilla (2013). Protester mot avvikling av bensinsubsidier: Regimemotstand eller institusjonalisert politikk?.

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