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Election of representative for fixed term academic staff at ISS 2021

In the Autumn of 2020, a new board representative will be elected for the group of fixed-term academic staff for 2021.

About Board elections

Board elections are held every four years, except for fixed-term academic staff who are elected each year. An election for the Head of Department and Vice Head of Department are held separately. Elections are held digitally.


Election result (published 11/12/20)

Elected representative

  • Maren Toft

Elected deputy representatives

  1. 1st deputy: Sigurd Oppegaard
  2. 2nd deputy: Eirik Jerven Berger

Period to nominate candidate: 27 Nov - 3 Dec 2020

Nominations may be sent to the election committee's secretary.

E-voting is open 7 Dec -11 Dec 2020.

Please vote by going to (switch to English if necessary with the help of the menu "Språk" in the opper right hand corner).


Fixed term academic staff (1 representative and 2 deputy representatives)

Electoral terms

Duration of electoral period is four years for permanent academic staff and administrative staff. Fixed-term academic staff are elected for one year at a time. Students are elected through independent processes.

About the Board

Read more about the Board.

The board has nine members:

  • Head of Department
  • Deputy head of department
  • Three representatives with six deputy representatives from the group of permanent academic staff. At least one of the three representatives from the permanent academic staff must be from Human Geography and at least one from Sociology
  • A representative with two deputy representatives from the group of fixed term academic staff
  • Two representatives with four deputies from the group of students
  • A representative with two deputy representatives from the group of technical-administrative staff.

The Gender Equality Act's requirements for gender balance must be met within the individual constituency. If two representatives are to be elected, both sexes must be represented among the two and among the deputies.

Eligibility, voting rights and the right to propose candidates

All fixed-term staff are eligible for election who have taken up their position by the date of the election, and whose employment period applies throughout the electoral period.

Everyone who is employed on any of the election days in at least a 50% position or has a professor II position has the right to nominate candidates and to vote. Written proposals should be signed and sent/delivered to the secretary of the electoral committee. One nominee for each candidate is sufficient.

Further clarifications of eligibility and voting rights can be found in the Election Regulations for the University of Oslo (in Norwegian).

What about me who has a research sabbatical or is staying abroad

You will have access to vote electronically by logging in with your UiO username and password, so if you have access to the internet, you can nominate candidates and cast your vote as normal. If you do not have internet access during the election period, contact the electoral committee or the secretary of the electoral committee to cast your vote.

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