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Ragnvald Kalleberg (1943 – 2016)

When Professor  Kalleberg passed away November 28, 2016, more than fifty years of engagement in sociology and in the UiO came to an end.

Portrait of Kalleberg

Ragnvald Kalleberg  (1943 – 2016)

Ragnvald Kalleberg began his career connected to the sociology faculty at UiO already after his graduation as a magister artium in 1971. After working as research associate, he was appointed associate professor in 1984 and full professor in 2003; in the period 1992-1994 he was chair of the department.

The first, and longest, part of Kalleberg’s career was dedicated to the sociology of working life, as researcher and teacher. He focused particularly on economic democracy and work environment questions. From 1990 to 1995 he headed the UiO Program for Comparative Organizational Analysis.His contribution on «Arbeidsmiljøreform som deltakerdemokratisering» [Work environment reform as democratization] was a landmark in the field.

Ragnvald Kalleberg’s research interests followed other paths as well; he wrote extensively on the philosophy of science, critical theory, history of the social sciences, democracy, and ethics. And he had a long standing research commitment to the function of universities in society.  He filled several central positions at the UiO, heading its committee for research dissemination, member of the steering group on management development, head of the UiO Program on Ethics 1998-1999. Moreover, he headed the National Committee for Research Èthics in the Social Sciences and Humanities (NESH) 2000-2005, and served as a member of several other committees on research ethics. This resulted in a series of publications on problems in research ethics.

The last two years Ragnvald Kalleberg had to endure a prolonged and more and more debilitating illness. Nevertheless, he never lost his spark of life. Up to the final weeks he was busy with new publications, the most recent one finished shortly before he passed away. Characteristically, it bears the title “Question-Driven Sociology and Methodological Contextualism”. Ragnvald Kalleberg never finished raising questions. His joy of discussions became a source of energy for those who were engaged in dialogue with him.

by Fredrik Engelstad on behalf of the colleagues at the Department of Sociology and Human Geography

Noteworthy publications

Ragnvald Kalleberg (2016). “Question-Driven Sociology and Methodological Contextualism”. In Peter Sohlberg og Håkon Leiulfsrud (eds.), Theory in Action. Theoretical Constructionism. Leiden: Bril, pp.  89-107.

Kalleberg, Ragnvald (2015). Scientific Misconduct, Plagiarism, and Institutional Control of Misconduct. In James D. Wright (ed.),  International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences, volume 21, 2nd Edition.  Elsevier.

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Kalleberg, Ragnvald (2011). The Cultural and Democratic Obligations of Universities, In  Academic Identities - Academic Challenges? American and European Experience of the Transformation of Higher Education and Research.  Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp. 88 – 125.

Kalleberg, Ragnvald (2010). The Ethos of Science and the Ethos of Democracy, In Craig Calhoun (ed.), Robert K. Merton: Sociology of Science and Sociology as Science.  Columbia University Press, pp. 182 – 213.

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