Jan Pesl

PhD candidate at ARENA Centre for European Studies and Department of Sociology and Human Geography

Contact information: jan.pesl@arena.uio.no

Jan Pesl

Since PhD students choose representatives only for a single year period and the total amount of meetings is limited, the system makes pursuing any concrete goals rather difficult.

Therefore, I would like to continue with the current work for another term.

My main priorities:

1] The quality of the compulsory part of the curriculum:

Given the recent changes in the compulsory part of the PhD programme curriculum, I intend to follow closely the course evaluation process and the students' feedback. These changes ultimately mean that Faculty does not have enough statistical data to establish valid time series. This makes the students' comments and suggestions invaluable. Making these voices heard is in my view an important part of the role of a Phd representative.

2] Information availability before arbitrary changes

Based on an external evaluation report, the quality of the PhD programme suffers from lacking easily accessible information.

This leads to uncertainty regarding even some of the main milestones such as the trial lecture (prøveforelesning) and its content.

In such cases, I argue for trying to make information more available before changing the actual the programme.


3] Internationalization

While the internationalization has become a buzz-word, this development is not fully reflected by the Faculty's organisational structure. Although a considerable amount of PhD students has a foreign background, the representative institutions tend to strictly require Norwegian for all the representative positions. Moreover, the present administrative environment makes participation in any sort of PhD joint-degree programme close to impossible. I believe that both of these questions should be a part of the debate on the future shape of the PhD programme.

About: I have been PhD programme board member for the current period. In the meantime, I am working on my PhD in sociology working on a project administered by ARENA Centre for European Studies. In the past, I have studies at the University of Bergen and Masaryk University in Czechia.


Av Jan Pesl
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