Karin Fossheim

PhD candidate at the Institute of Transport Economics and Department of Political Science

Contact information: karinfos@student.sv.uio.no

Karin Fossheim

As an external PhD candidate at the programme of Political Science, affiliated with the Institute of Transport Economics (TOI), I would like to better the collaboration between external PhD candidates and candidates with a PhD-fellowships at UiO. Having a workspace both at the Department of Political Science and TOI has given me valuable academic insights and personal relations which I assume several others also could benefit from. In my experience there is unused potential in how the PhD programme facilitates for interaction between these two groups of candidates. The Faculty courses was one important such arena.

Furthermore, I imagine that the required courses could be made even more relevant if they covered a broader range of topics or perhaps was separated into smaller, more targeted elective sub-units. Regarding the elective courses, the program could provide a more detailed overview of potential or commonly chosen courses not only in Norway but also abroad.

On the personal side I started my PhD about a year ago, working as a researcher at the Institute of Transport Economics at the Department for Economics and Logistics for the last three years. I have my educational background from Political Economy at the University of Bergen, Political Science at UiO and International Business Economics from the University of East Anglia, UK. My PhD research covers mainly governance networks, democracy and Norwegian local authorities. However, my earlier research has focused on transport, particularly freight transport, in light of social, economic and environmental sustainability, stakeholder participation and local planning and policy-making.


Av Karin Fossheim
Publisert 17. juni 2019 09:11 - Sist endret 21. juni 2019 12:43