Structure and accomplishment

The structure below applies to candidates accepted the period 2009-2014.  Candidates accepted in 2015 or 2016 should follow this structure structure.

All candidates accepted to the PhD program in the period 2009-2014 must complete the following components during the period:

  • Obligatory courses in Philosophy of Science and Ethics (6 ECTS)
  • Obligatory courses in microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics (30 ECTS)
  • Other courses on PhD level (9 ECTS)
  • Mid-term evaluation (ph.d. workshop) in the third semester
  • Presentations

Recommended plan of education

3. year

Presentation of your own work in one of the Department research seminars

Working with the Dissertation

2. year

Optional PhD course

Optional PhD course


Mid-term avaluation

1. year

Optional PhD course

ECON9100 /ECON9200/ ECON9300

10-30 ECTS

ECON9010/SV9102 Philosophy of Science and Ethics, 6 ECTS


Obligatory courses in Philosophy of Science and Ethics


All doctoral candidates must pass compulsory courses in Philosophy of Science and Ethics. Candidates at the Department of Economics can choose whether to sit ECON9010 Theory of Science for Economists or if they will sit for SV9101 The Philosophy and Methodology of the Social Sciences. All candidates must sit for SV9102 Ethics.

Obligatory courses


All doctoral candidates must pass three obligatory courses in microeconomics (ECON9200), macroeconomics (ECON9300) and econometrics (ECON9100)Candidates who have passed one or more of these courses before admission to the ph.d.-program, must replace the credits with optional PhD courses.

Optional courses

All doctoral candidates must pass optional courses that may be of particular interest for the dissertation. These credits can be achieved through PhD-courses at the Department of Economics or at other educational institutions in Norway or abroad. All external courses must be approved by the supervisor and the doctoral committee at the Department.

Mid-term evaluation/PhD workshop

To facilitate an early start on the dissertation, each candidate must present a paper at a mid-term evaluation (PhD workshop), usually held in the third semester of the admission period. A written draft must be made available. The supervisors are expected to be present, and external opponents are invited.  The presentations must be approved by the doctoral committee.


At least six months before expected submission, all candidates must present a paper within a topic related to his/her dissertation at one of the research seminars at the Department of Economics.

Communication of research

All candidates are required to submit a contribution on research communication. Examples of activities that may count as communication are:

  • Teaching at bachelor or master level
  • Lectures
  • Feature articles
  • Popular science works
  • Presentation of papers at conferences, research seminars etc.
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