Gazing at the Stars - How to attract research funding

Succeeding in attracting research funding is a necessary skill for all researchers. Access to research funding from the Research Council and the EU has also become relevant for companies and sectors outside academia in recent years.


This course will introduce some relevant academic and political trends, and provide the course participants with an insight into some of the opportunities that exist in externally funded research from the Research Council and the EU.

Target group

The examples of funding opportunities are relevant for PhD candidates and researchers early in their academic careers. The course is also relevant for research advisors and research leaders.

Course lecturers

Johannes Elgvin, administrative Head of Research and Communication

Konstantinos Chilidis, senior advisor in research administration with special focus on EU.

Learning outcome

Candidates will:

  • develop knowledge on the most relevant funding opportunities and their evaluation criteria
  • learn about basic requirements in different types of announcements and how they as future applicants can meet these requirements.
  • gain insight into important elements for the success of an application
  • get tips on how to organize a project application and write a successful application
  • get advice on how a CV can be tailored and strengthened
  • learn about short-term and long-term planning
  • have gained an insight in different funding opportunities that are relevant at different stages in the career
  • become familiar with the most common pitfalls of proposal writing and how to avoid them

Course fee

The course is free of charge.


Register for this course

Zoom-ID will be distributed to the participants before the course. Information about Zoom.

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