Doktorgrader ved Det samfunnsvitenskapelige fakultet 2019

Oversikten viser kronologisk hvilke doktorgrader som forsvares i 2019.

Dato Navn Avhandlingens tittel Enhet Grad
15.01.2019 Vegard Bye

The End of an Era - or a New Start: Economic Reforms with Potential for Political Transformation in Cuba (2008 - 2018)

ISV Dr.philos.
24.01.2019 Johanna Strikwerda Integration in the European Union’s field of defence and security ISV Ph.d.
25.01.2019 Heidi F. Bjelland Facing Complexity. Police officers’ reasoning and response to human trafficking ISS Ph.d.
25.01.2019 Anne-Marthe Rustad Indregard Emotional dissonance, mental health complains, and sickness absence among employees working with customers and clients PSI Ph.d.
08.02.2019 Geir O. Rønning Staten og bankene. En komparativ analyse av to norskebankkriser i det 20. århundre, med fokus på statens krisehåndtering ISS Ph.d.
13.02.2019 Saira Basit Transnational militancy and conflictual interstate orders in Asia: Cooperation in the midst of conflict in Iran–Pakistan, China–Pakistan, and India–Myanmar relations ISV Ph.d.
15.02.2019 Sigrid Møyner Hohle Communicating the future: Dynamic implications of probabilistic climate forecasts PSI Ph.d.
19.02.2019 Inge Amlien Dynamics and depth: An investigation into brain development and episodic memory PSI Ph.d.
01.03.2019 Anne Bitsch Voldtektens geografi. En studie av den rettslige forvaltningen av seksuelt medborgerskap i Norge ISS Ph.d.
22.03.2019 Peter Egge Langsæther Cleavage Politics in the 21st Century: How and why social background affects political preferences ISV Ph.d.
26.03.2019 Eivor Fredriksen Depressive symptoms in the transition to parenthood: Patterns, processes and child outcomes PSI Ph.d.
28.03.2019 Johanne D. Saltnes Norm collision in the European Union’s external policies. EU development policy revisited ISV Ph.d.
29.03.2019 Øyvind Bugge Solheim Terrorism and Attitudes Toward Out-groups: A Political Perspective ISV Ph.d.
29.03.2019 Martin Aker Executive control and emotion regulation in remitted depression PSI Ph.d.
09.04.2019 Gry Osnes Executive succession and the social construction of leadership: A sequence of explorative studies PSI Dr.philos.
29.04.2019 Nicolai Ellingsen Distorted Like China. Theory and evidence on how distortions affect aggregate output ØI Ph.d.
06.05.2019 Christopher D. W. Hsiung Too big to fail: China’s Russia policy in the post-Cold War period ISV Ph.d.
08.05.2019 Knut Eiliv Ødegård Øverbye Charting functional brain development in adolescence with electrophysiology: Links with behavior and cortical structure PSI Ph.d.
10.05.2019 Øyvind Stiansen The Politics of Compliance with International Human Rights Court Judgments ISV Ph.d.
15.05.2019 Marie Lindebø Knutsen Understanding change in the treatment of traumatized youth: A study of treatment response and change processes in trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy PSI Ph.d.
16.05.2019 Susie Fu Full recovery in first-episode schizophrenia. Long-term cognitive functioning and functional outcome PSI Ph.d.
04.06.2019 Thomas Hagen Images of animals are unlikely to bias human visual attention PSI Ph.d.
06.06.2019 Stian Kjeksrud Using force to protect civilians. A comparative analysis of United Nations military protection operations ISV Ph.d.
13.06.2019 Karine Porpino Viana Impact of children's theory of mind on their social interaction and
cognitive performance in cooperative problem-solving tasks
PSI Ph.d.
14.06.2019 Mette Strømsø Beneath the waves of nationalism: How ordinary people living in Norway (re)produce the nation in everyday life ISS Ph.d.
17.06.2019 Claudia Kim Nyberg Neurocognitive implications of cerebrovascular pathology and associated risk factors PSI Ph.d.
18.06.2019 Solveig Hillesund Choosing Targets and Tactics: How Horizontal Inequality Spurs Conflict ISV Ph.d.
19.06.2019 Brage Kraft The Interplay between Symptoms, Rumination, Attentional Bias and Control Processes in Depression PSI Ph.d.
12.08.2019 Lena P. Kvarving Gender Perspectives in the Armed Forces and Military Operations: An uphill battle. Cultural, structural and functional factors that prevent or promote implementation of UNSCR 1325 in the Norwegian Armed Forces and NATO ISV Ph.d.
20.08.2019 Andreas Kokkvoll Tveit Deadlines and Commitments: The Effectiveness of and Compliance with Agreements on Air Pollution in Europe ISV Ph.d.
22.08.2019 Ola Røed Bilgrei Drugs and Community on the Internet - A Study of Drug Trends, Risk Management and Trust in Online Drug Communities ISS Ph.d.
29.08.2019 Tao Yin Grafting - Opera and the Translation of Women's Laws in Rural China SAI Ph.d.
30.08.2019 Plamen Akaliyski Cultural Diversity and Change in Post-Cold War Europe ISS Ph.d.
17.09.2019 Federica Coelli Essays on Economic Integration and Innovation ØI Ph.d.
09.10.2019 Thomas Skjøthaug Becoming fathers: adverse childhood experiences, partner attachment and mental health before childbirth as related to later perception of their own children PSI Ph.d.
04.10.2019 Lena Gross Magnifying Inequalities: Tales of land, labour, belonging and refusal in the context of the oil sands industry in Northern Alberta SAI Ph.d.
15.10.2019 Anette Brunovskis Illuminating and blinding. The searchlight effect of human trafficking policies on anti-trafficking practice ISS Ph.d.
17.10.2019 Eva Hilland Brain Mechanisms in Residual Depression: Neural Substrates of an Attention Bias Modification Procedure and a Brain–Symptom Network Analysis PSI Ph.d.
18.10.2019 Haakon Gjerløw Political institutions, leaders, and public spending ISV Ph.d.
18.10.2019 Katharina Nymo Engelstad Psychological traits of homicide offenders with schizophrenia PSI Ph.d.

Tuukka Mäkitie

Sustainability transitions in oil economies: Resource redeployment from an established industry to a clean technology industry TIK Ph.d.
04.11.2019 Charlotte Teigset Early-Onset Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders: Cognitive Function, Clinical Characteristics and Obstetric Complications PSI Ph.d.
07.11.2019 Yngvild Haukeland Siblings of children with chronic disorders: Emotional experiences, family communication, and evaluation of a joint parent-sibling intervention PSI Ph.d.
08.11.2019 Daniel Arnesen Nonprofit Advocacy Reconfigured? Resource Mobilization, Political Opportunity and Organizational Change ISS Ph.d.
11.11.2019 Geneviève Richard Identifying markers of brain health and plasticity: A neuroimaging and behavioral study of cognitive aging and cognitive training following stroke PSI Ph.d.
13.11.2019 Torbjørn Hanson Four essays on military economics: Efficiency, trust and risk preferences in the armed forces for the PhD degree. ØI Ph.d.
21.11.2019 Johanne Tonga Psychosocial interventions for managing depressive symptoms in people with mild cognitive impairment and mild dementia. PSI Ph.d.
28.11.2019 Linn Christin Bonaventure Norbom The illumination of the developing brain, Using MRI signal intensity contrasts to probe microstructural brain maturation, and associations with psychopathology and cognition PSI Ph.d.
29.11.2019 Edvard Nergård Larsen Equally Unequal? Measuring and Contextualising Ethnic Discrimination in European Labour Markets ISS Ph.d.
06.12.2019 Øystein Olav Skaar Moments of Brilliance: Understanding the Aha-experience through Bayesian Statistics PSI Ph.d.
06.12.2019 Luigi Maglanoc Elucidating depression heterogeneity using clinical, neuroimaging and genetic data PSI Ph.d.
13.12.2019 Mats Lillehagen Entering the mainstream? Cultural and socioeconomic dimensions of immigrant assimilation ISS Ph.d.
16.12.2019 Trond Christian Vigtel Understanding Retirement Decisions ØI Ph.d.
19.12.2019 Line Indrevoll Stänicke The punished self, the unknown self, and the harmed self - towards a more nuanced understanding of self-harm in adolescence PSI Ph.d.
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