Doktorgrader ved Det samfunnsvitenskapelige fakultet 2018

Oversikten viser kronologisk hvilke doktorgrader som forsvares i 2018.

Dato Navn Avhandlingens tittel Enhet Grad
11.01.2018 Sverre Urnes Johnson Generic metacognitive therapy and disorder-specific cognitive behavioral therapy for comorbid anxiety disorders: Outcomes and mechanism of change PSI PhD
02.02.2018 Silvia Olsen Selecting road safety measures: Policies, structures and processes ISV PhD
08.02.2018 Øystein Skjælaaen Fuktig frokost. Identitet og felleskap på puben om morgenen. ISS PhD
02.03.2018 Kristin Østlie Listening to suicidal patients in psychotherapy: How therapeutic relationships may expand patients’ prospects for living their lives PSI PhD
09.03.2018 Tom Bratrud Fire on the Island - The Transformative Power of Christian Revival in Vanuatu SAI PhD
09.03.2018 Jonas Vestby Climate, development, and conflict: Learning from the past and mapping uncertainties of the future ISV PhD
15.03.2018 Kristin Dagmar Martinsen Prevention of anxiety and depression in children – The development and testing of a new transdiagnostic EMOTION intervention PSI PhD
16.03.2018 Kjersti Skarstad Realizing the human rights of persons with disabilities: From political ideals to political practice ISV PhD
22.03.2018 Ann Kristin Gresaker Relevant religion. Nordiske livsstilbladers fremstillinger av religion 1988-2008. ISS PhD
05.04.2018 Vidar Blokhus Ekroll Pathways towards different long-term outcomes after psychotherapy: An exploratory mixed methods project PSI PhD
20.04.2018 Gezahegn Abebe Mamo Household Food Insecurity in the Sidama Zone of Southern Ethiopia. Factors, coping and Adaptation Strategies. ISS PhD
20.04.2018 Tommy Ose Exercises and Excess - Food waste and the value of food in the affluent north: A perspective on value chains and their disruptions SAI PhD
26.04.2018 Christine Mee Lie Pursuing green growth and innovation: The role of policy - Empirical evidence from South Korea. TIK PhD
03.05.2018 Robert Pijpers Navigating Uncertainty - Large-scale Mining and Micro-Politics in Sierra Leone SAI PhD
08.05.2018 Ulrikke Bryn Wethal When China Builds Africa. Linking construction projects and economic development in Mozambique ISS PhD
15.05.2018 Eivind Moe Hammersmark Guns, gems and scripture: African development in a subnational perspective. ØI PhD
22.05.2018 Matteo Alpino Essays in political and social economics ØI PhD
29.05.2018 Hilde Andrea Nykamp Green innovation in the Norwegian construction sector: policies, projects and industrial dynamics. TIK PhD
04.06.2018 Karina Egeland The role of practitioners in the implementation of evidence-based practices in mental health services: Attitudes, participation, and experiences PSI PhD
12.06.2018 Bente Lømo Alliance formation and change in psychotherapy with men perpetrating violence against their female partners. PSI PhD
14.06.2018 Sveinung Legard Scaling up Participatory Democracy. Citizen Engagement in Budgeting in Brazil and Norway. ISS PhD
15.06.2018 Jolien Vleeshouwers Psychological and social work factors as contributors to sleep problems and number of musculoskeletal complaints PSI PhD
22.06.2018 Solveig Aamodt Understanding the BASICs: Policy actors, coalitions, and cooperation in the BASIC countries’ climate policy processes ISV PhD
24.08.2018 Anita Elizabeth Sundnes Utvikling gjennom sosial deltakelse i et tilrettelagt dagligliv - En teoretisk og metodisk tilnærming til studiet av barn i alderen 0-3 år. PSI PhD
30.08.2018 Espen Moen Eilertsen The effect of prenatal alcohol consumption and depression on offspring ADHD symptoms: A study of genetic and environmental intergenerational transmission PSI PhD
06.09.2018 Silje Bårdstu From temperament to personality - A longitudinal study exploring underlying mechanisms and relational processes in the developmental pathways from early childhood to adolescence PSI PhD
07.09.2018 Inga Ydersbond Power in the EU’s Climate and Energy Policy and Advocacy Coalition Influence ISV PhD
27.09.2018 Ingvild Jøranli Labour markets and the geography of firm learning ISS PhD
05.10.2018 Siri Helland Longitudinal associations between language difficulties and internalizing problems PSI PhD
05.10.2018 Edda Torsdatter Solbakken The wealth of a young nation. On voting rights, financing plights, and long-run wealth inequality in Norway ØI PhD
16.10.2018 Jakoba Sraml Gonzalez Innovation in situations of crisis: oil and gas suppliers as innovators during the 2014-2017 industry downturn TIK PhD
16.10.2018 Maren Toft Biographies of privilege. Spatiotemporal structures of upper-class formation ISS PhD
18.10.2018 Marte Eline Soukup  Ulvestad Sickness and disability benefits: The importance of workplaces, attitudes and nurture ØI PhD
25.10.2018 Christine Demmo Neurocognitive Functioning, Clinical Course and Functional Outcome in The Early Phase of Bipolar I Disorder: A Prospective Longitudinal Study PSI PhD
05.11.2018 Victoria Einagel Telling stories, making selves. Reconfiguring social and political belonging in postwar Sarajevo ISS PhD
07.11.2018 Kjersti Walle Attentional resources in unilateral spatial neglect PSI PhD
09.11.2018 Hanne Kristine Hallingby Understanding Platform Emergence and Openness in the Mobile Telecommunications Industry Using Platform Ecosystem and Technological Innovation System Perspectives TIK PhD
09.11.2018 Andrea Papini Empirical essays on taxation and self-employment. ØI PhD
15.11.2018 Karina Standal Challenges of Gender, Power and Change in Solar Energy Interventions in Rural India. Imagined Beneficiaries and the Makings of Women’s Empowerment in the Village Electrification Project ISS PhD
16.11.2018 Atle Hennum Haugsgjerd A Vicious Circle? Performance Dissatisfaction, Political Distrust and the Populist Response ISV PhD
20.11.2018 Celine M. M. Loades The Wall in Our Minds: Negotiating Heritage and Identity in Post-War Dubrovnik. SAI PhD
26.11.2018 Carl Fredrik Eliassen Mild cognitive impairment: Neuropsychological associations with biomarkers PSI PhD
06.12.2018 Anne Cecilie Sjøli Bråthen

Neurocognitive plasticity in healthy young and older adults; Prediction, risk factors, and long-term retainment of cognitive and neural benefits from memory training

12.12.2018 Emma Arnold Aesthetics of zero tolerance. Psychogeographic and photographic explorations of graffiti and street art in Norway ISS PhD
19.12.2018 Julia Stephanie Perelstein Loe The Russian Gas Sector in a Changing World ISV PhD
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