Doktorgrader ved Det samfunnsvitenskapelige fakultet 2016

Oversikten viser kronologisk hvilke doktorgrader som ble avlagt i 2016.

Dato Navn Avhandlingens tittel Enhet Grad
08.01.2016 Gunhild Regland Farstad Nye fedre - nye forskjeller. Farskap i farsvennlige velferdsstater. ISS PhD
14.01.2016 Silje Mørup Ormhaug The therapeutic alliance in the treatment of traumatized youths. PSI PhD
15.01.2016 Marit Sofie Aalen The issue of arrested personality development in Henrik Ibsen’s Peer Gynt. Readings inspired by Melanie Klein and Wilfred Bion. PSI PhD
15.01.2016 Bjart Johannes Holtsmark

Seven essays on policies and international cooperation to abate emissions of greenhouse gases

ØI Dr.philos.
15.01.2016 Stina Hansteen Solhøy Unntak for trossamfunn? Politikkutforming i spenningsfeltet mellom statlige likestillingsambisjoner og religiøs autonomi, 1974 – 2014. ISV PhD
19.01.2016 Kjell Tore Hovik Executive control of cognition, emotion and behavior in children with Tourette Syndrome. A two-year follow-up study. PSI PhD
25.01.2015 Tatjana Stankovic Conflict Bargaining Outcomes: Efficiency, Distribution, and Stability ISV PhD
29.01.2016 Maria Hernandez Carretero Leaving to belong: migration, transnational connectedness and social becoming ISS PhD
10.02.2016 Kathleen Jennings Blue Helmet Havens: Gendered peacekeeping economies in Liberia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo ISV PhD
15.02.2016 Wenke Gulbrandsen Obligatorisk mekling med foreldre i store konflikter: Vurderinger av utfall, konfliktdrivende tema og hva som bidrar til at dialogene mellom dem kan fortsette. PSI PhD
15.03.2016 Anine Riege On Having a 200% chance: Additivity neglect in probability estimates. PSI PhD
15.03.2016 Tove Heggli Sagmo Return Migration and Social Change: Creating Distinctions in the Social Field. ISS PhD
18.03.2016 Rannveig Kaldager Hart Understanding fertility behavior in Norway: Social mechanisms and casual estimates ISS PhD
01.04.2016 Jørn Ljunggren A Class in Descent? Cultural Capital under Pressure in 21th Century Norway ISS PhD
01.04.2016 Henning Øien Four empirical essays in economics of long-term care. ØI PhD
07.04.2016 Henrik Hiim Selective supporter: China and nuclear weapons proliferation. ISV PhD
08.04.2016 Espen Bjerke Interpersonal problems among psychiatric outpatients. PSI PhD
08.04.2016 Sidsel Mæland «Hva har vi felles?»  En studie i kulturell kompleksitet og multikulturelle prosesser i Den katolske kirke i Norge. SAI Dr.philos.
27.04.2016 Hilde Reinertsen Optics of Evaluation. Making Norwegian foreign aid an evaluable object, 1980-1992. TIK PhD
29.04.2016 Marianne Opaas

Trauma, personality function, and posttraumatic reactions: A retrospective and prospective study of traumatized refugee patients.

03.05.2016 Tore Rafoss Terrorens kulturelle logikk. Det offentlige ordskiftet etter 22. juli. ISS PhD
13.05.2016 Håkon Sælen

When can a small number of states drive effective global cooperation on climate change?

27.05.2016 Gry Sælid Evaluation of the coping with strain course in workplaces – A four-year longitudinal randomized controlled trial. PSI PhD
30.05.2016 Elise Tornare Emotions in school tasks in 10 to 12 year-old children. PSI PhD
31.05.2016 Eirik Hammersvik Illegal fair-traders. Et etnografisk studie av store (og små) cannabisdyrkere. ISS PhD
06.06.2016 Marit Elisabeth Klemetsen Impacts of policies on emissions and environmental innovation in Norway. ØI PhD
07.06.2016 Esther Ann Nisja Bøler Four Essays on Trade, Innovation, and Workforce Composition. ØI PhD
10.06.2016 Espen Marius Foss Dialogens paradoks - Fremveksten av 'gjenopprettende prosesser' i Norge. SAI PhD
10.06.2016 Maria Øverås Body image disturbance and neuropsychology in patients with anorexia nervosa. PSI PhD
13.06.2016 Kristin Solberg Watle Cushioning the Variance – Three Essays on the Comparative Study of Income Inequality and Welfare States in Europe and the US. ØI PhD
14.06.2016 Erik Carlquist Well-being in language: Conceptualizations of well-being investigated through understandings and usages of everyday Norwegian words. PSI PhD
15.06.2016 Astrid Marie Jorde Sandsør Educational Policy and Student Outcomes. ØI PhD
16.06.2016 Ferdinand Andreas Mohn Marital Fault Lines. Spouse Selection and Socioeconomic Assimilation Among the Immigrant Population in Norway. ISS PhD
16.06.2016 Vibeke Kennair Ottesen An evolutionary analysis of filicide in Norway. PSI PhD
30.06.2016 Arve Hansen Capitalist Transition on Wheels. Development, Consumption and Motorized Mobility in Hanoi. ISS PhD
12.08.2016 Håkon Lunde Saxi From the Defence of Europe to Global Expeditionary Operations: British and German Defence Policy 1990–2014. ISV PhD
22.08.2016 Alexandra Havdahl Context matters: Factors affecting assessment of autism features. PSI PhD
29.08.2016 Anja Sletteland The battle over the Israel-Palestine conflict. A study of international politic anomie. ISS PhD
01.09.2016 Helene Flood Aakvaag Violence, revictimization and trauma-related shame and guilt. An investigation of event characteristics and mental health correlates among violence-exposed men and women form the general population and among young survivors of a terrorist attack. PSI PhD
08.09.2016 Lynn Diane Rosentrater Adaptation to Climate Change: Understanding the Contingent nature of Spatial Vulnerability Assessments. ISS PhD
09.09.2016 Marianne Lund Smoking in a nonsmoking environment: Inequality, stigmatization and resistance. ISS PhD
23.09.2016 Silje Elisabeth Skuland Mat som praksis og kunnskap. En sosiologisk studie over matens materielle, diskursive og sosiale forutsetninger. ISS PhD
06.10.2016 Erik Henningsen Management and morality - Process consultancy as a culture for expertise. SAI PhD
07.10.2016 Erlend Paasche Return to Migration and Corruption: Experiences of Iraqi Kurds. ISS PhD
13.10.2016 Håkon Solbu Trætteberg Does welfare mix matter? Active citizenship in public, for-profit and nonprofit schools and nursing homes in Scandinavia. ISV PhD
14.10.2016 Cay Gjerustad Occupational aspirations – development and consequences of failure in achievement. ISS PhD
20.10.2016 Andreas Hvidsten Beyond Reification and Deconstruction. Towards a Dialogical Approach to Theorizing International Politics. ISV PhD
21.10.2016 Nan Zou Bakkeli The Price Inequality. Privatisation, Health and Wellbeing in China. ISS PhD
04.11.2016 Andreas Forø Tollefsen Local Dynamics of Civil War. ISS PhD
18.11.2016 Hà Thi Bích Pham Building and Transforming Dominant Technology. The Portland cement industry. TIK PhD
25.11.2016 Line Anita Schou Group differences in alcohol-related sickness absence and attitudes. ISS PhD
01.12.2016 Jon Anders Lone Exploring knowledge work: Organizational practices and work characteristics in three knowledge work settings. PSI PhD
02.12.2016 Mari Ratinen Social construction of niche development toward sustainability transitions. Examples from wind energy and photovoltaics. TIK Dr.philos.
09.12.2016 Jens Lunnan Hjort Oslo youth between individualization and class. A study of orientations towards the future. ISS PhD
09.12.2016 Mathias Wasaznik Johannessen The EU as Captain, Co-Pilot or Passenger: A Study of Administrative Integration in the Transport Sector. ISV PhD
09.12.2016 Annika Wetlesen Local labour regimes and the agency of construction workers in Chennai, South India. ISS PhD
13.12.2016 Lasse Bang Structural and functional brain alterations in women recovered from anorexia nervosa. PSI PhD
14.12.2016 Bjorn Dapi Essays on wage cyclicality and regulation ØI PhD
15.12.2016 Ulrika Persson-Fischier The Social Life of Ethnic Categories: Three Cases on Indigeneity, Russia, and Anthropological Knowledge Production. SAI Dr.philos.
16.12.2016 Martin Flatø Gender under Distress:  Essays on Climate and Familial Determinants of Gendered Outcomes in African Population ØI PhD


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