Doktorgrader ved Det samfunnsvitenskapelige fakultet 2015

Oversikten viser kronologisk hvilke doktorgrader som ble avlagt i 2015.

Dato Navn Avhandlingens tittel Enhet Grad
15.01.2015 Per Normann Andersen Neurocognitive functions, symptoms of depression and autism symptoms in children with High-Functioning Autism. A two-year follow-up study PSI PhD
15.01.2015 Erik Løhre Communication of predictions: effects of anchors, frames, and expression of uncertainty PSI PhD
15.01.2015 Guri Rosén Striving for Influence. The European Parliament in EU Foreign Policy. ISV PhD
23.01.2015 Ane-Marthe Solheim Skar The impacts of the International Child Development Programme on parents sampled from the general population in Norway and Mozambique, and from prisons PSI PhD
27.01.2015 Bjørn Erik Ramtvedt Assessment and enhancement of treatment outcomes in paediatric Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) stimulant trials. PSI Dr.philos.
05.02.2015 Linda Madsen Avian flu mobilities. Following bio(in)securities in Turkey and beyond. TIK PhD
06.02.2015 Sigurd Mølster Galaasen Essays on quantitative macroeconomics with heterogeneous agents. ØI PhD
04.03.2015 Tuva Øktedalen Are trauma-related shame and guilt part of the PTSD construct? PSI PhD
06.03.2015 Solveig T.G. Christiansen Empirical Studies of Nordic household and family structure. ØI PhD
10.03.2015 Torgeir Moberget Cerebellar contributions to cognition: computational mechanisms and anatomical substrates. PSI PhD
20.03.2015 Nicolai Topstad Borgen The economic returns to college quality in Norway. ISS PhD
26.03.0215 Ingrid Lønrusten Rogstad Tweets that matter. Politisk kommunikasjon i et nytt medielandskap. ISV PhD
26.03.2015 Ingrid Smette The Final Year - An Anthropological Study of Community in Two Secondary Schools in Oslo, Norway. SAI PhD
15.04.2015 Monica Five Aarset Hearts and roofs. Family, belonging, and (un)settledness among descendants of immigrants in Norway. SAI PhD
20.04.2015 Nina Marit Rohrer-Baumgartner Neurocognitive functions and ADHD symptoms in young preschoolers, with a particular focus on language skills. PSI PhD
20.04.2015 Maria Øien "Our art comes from our Dreaming" Exploring the Becoming of Ngan’gi Art from Nauiyu, Australia. SAI PhD
24.04.2015 Gro Strømnes Dybedal Cognitive Effects of Electroconvulsive Therapy in Nondemented Elderly Depressed Patients. PSI PhD
11.05.2015 Mads Dahl Gjefsen Vehicle or destination? Discordant perspectives in CCS advocacy. TIK PhD
13.05.2015 Ingunn Askeland

Men voluntarily in treatment for violent behavior against a female partner: who are they? Violent behavior, childhood exposure to violence, mental health and treatment dropout.

21.05.2015 Annette Holth Skogan Executive function in young preschool children with symptoms of ADHD. PSI PhD
28.05.2015 Maren Sand Helland

Pathways of Parental Couple Relationships:  A 17 Year Longitudinal Study of Relationship Dissolutions and Conflicts among Norwegian Mothers.

08.06.2015 Helge Blakkisrud The Governor’s Last Stand: Federal Bargaining in Russia’s Transition to Appointed Regional Heads, 2005-2009. ISV PhD
08.06.2015 Nina Skrove Falch Three essays on unemployment insurance. ØI PhD
09.06.2015 Ida Maria Oma Small states and burden-sharing in allied operations abroad. The case of Norway in ISAF. ISV PhD
09.06.2015 Nina Stenberg Early features and identification of autism spectrum disorder. PSI PhD
10.06.2015 Anders Ravik Jupskås The Persistence of Populism. The Norwegian Progress Party 1973 – 2009. ISV PhD
10.06.2015 Eva Kløve Coping with poverty. On social and anti-social institutions in Africa. ØI PhD
11.06.2015 Line Wisting

Comorbid Type 1 Diabetes and Disturbed Eating Behaviors – Assessment, Prevalence, Psychological Correlates and Metabolic Control.

12.06.2015 Andreas Berg Storsve

Longitudinal changes in cortical gray matter and white matter tract microstructure across the adult lifespan: Brain dynamics and cognitive consequences.

17.06.2015 Siri Brorstad Borlaug Excellence and innovation in research policy - external steering and internal responses. TIK PhD
22.06.2015 Anders Grøn Kjelsrud Four essays on the measurement of poverty and inequality. ØI PhD
22.06.2015 Ellen Stensrud Transitional Juistice and the Problem of Legitimacy: A Study of the Mixed Courts in Cambodia and Sierra Leone. ISV PhD
23.06.2015 Gro Hege Nordbye Haraldsen Judgment of responsibility: agency, morality and risk. PSI PhD
24.06.2015 Niels Nagelhuus Schia Peacebuilding, Ownership, and Sovereignty from New York to Monrovia: A Multi-sited Ethnographic Approach. SAI PhD
26.06.2015 Anders Tønnesen Barriers and opportunities to car-use reduction. A study of land-use and transport policy in four Norwegian cities. ISS PhD
25.08.2015 Kimberly Wynne Blood, Sweat and Bananas. Making a Moral Life on the Margins of the Dominican Republic. SAI PhD
26.08.2015 Tone Danielsen Making Warriors in the Global Era - An anthropological study of institutional apprencticeship: Selection, training, education, and everyday life in the Norwegian Naval Special Operations Commando. SAI Dr.philos.
28.08.2015 Monica Juuhl-Langseth Subcortical Brain Structures and Neurocognition In Early Onset Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders. PSI PhD
03.09.2015 Nina Merethe Vestlund Between Centralization and Decentralisation. Decision behaviour in the EU’s multilevel administrative system. ISV PhD
10.09.2015 Marina Rybalka Drivers of Growth in the Modern Economy: R&D, Innovation, ICT and Human Capital. ØI PhD
22.09.2015 Kristin Johanne Haabrekke A Better Starting Point in Life – The Development of Children Born to Mothers Who Have Received Treatment for Their Substance Abuse Problems While Pregnant. PSI PhD
23.09.2015 Tove Irene Midtsundstad IA som strategi for lengre yrkeskarrierer. En analyse av virksomhetenes seniorpolitikk og dens effekt på tidligpensjoneringen. ISS PhD
25.09.2015 Tore Wig Beyond the Civil Democratic Peace: Subnational Political Institutions and Internal Armed Conflict ISV PhD
25.09.2015 Kristoffer Midttømme Essays on strategic considerations in environmental economics. ØI PhD
28.09.2015 Heidi Bergsli Urban Attractiveness and Competitive Policies in Oslo and Marseille. The waterfront as object of restructuring, culture-led redevelopment and negotiation processes. ISS PhD
30.09.2015 Alice Ciccone Decision making in environmental-related dilemmas: From natural to laboratory experiments. ØI PhD
16.10.2015 Özlem Denli Liberalism and Islamism in Contemporary Turkey. ‘Internal Liberalization ‘ or Authoritarian Institutionalization. ISV Dr.philos.
16.10.2015 Are Skeie Hermansen Coming of Age, Getting Ahead? Assessing Socioeconomic Assimilation among Children of Immigrants in Norway. ISS PhD
20.10.2015 Olga Chelnokova Shifting Overt Attention in Face Perception Tasks. PSI PhD
23.10.2015 Katinka Kristine Holtsmark Four essays on the dynamics of global public goods provision. ØI PhD
23.10.2015 Anne May Melsom Sickness absence in a gendered labour market. ISS PhD
23.10.2015 Monika Grønli Rosten "Nest siste stasjon, linje 2" - Sted, tilhørighet og unge voksne i Groruddalen. SAI PhD
26.10.2015 Gjermund Grimsby Three Essays on Competent Capital. ØI PhD
29.10.2015 Line Joranger Subjectivity as Science and Experience. PSI Dr.philos.
05.11.2015 Miriam Sinkerud Johnson Interviewer Behavior and Children’s Competence as Witnesses. PSI PhD
06.11.2015 Thomas Rolf Lydersen Lystad von Brasch Measuring Productivity - Concepts and Evidence from Norway. ØI PhD
19.11.2015 Nor Christian Torp Treatment Outcome and Treatment Predictors of Exposure-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Pediatric Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. PSI PhD
20.11.2015 Kirsten Ulsrud Village-level solar power in practice: Transfer of socio-technical innovations between India and Kenya. ISS PhD
24.11.2015 Kjersti Træland Hanssen Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation with a Cognitive Focus -Awareness and Adjustment. PSI PhD
25.11.2015 May-Linda Magnussen Familieforsørgelse i menns hverdag ISS PhD
30.11.2015 Guri Tyldum The social meanings of migration. ISS PhD
01.12.2015 Kristin Buvik Everybody is drunk. Street-level alcohol policy in Oslo. ISS PhD
01.12.2015 Gry Tengmark Østenstad Migration to resource-rich countries. ØI PhD
10.12.2015 Jonas Rønningsdalen Kunst Clash of civilizations? How acculturation and common identity processes shape the relationship between majority and Muslim minority groups in the West. PSI PhD
11.12.2015 Ida Erstad Here, now and into the future: Child rearing among Norwegian-Pakistani mothers in a diverse borough in Oslo, Norway. SAI PhD
14.12.2015 Dag Alnæs Attentional effort: Cortical and subcortical mechanisms in attention and resource allocation. PSI PhD
21.12.2015 Stine Kleppe Krogsrud Brain development - Hippocampal subfields, microstructural white matter and relation to working memory. PSI PhD


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