Doktorgrader ved Det samfunnsvitenskapelige fakultet 2012

Oversikten viser kronologisk hvilke doktorgrader som er avlagt ved fakultetet i 2012.


Dato Navn Avhandlingens tittel Enhet Grad
13.01.2012 Sunniva Frislid Meyer Preventing Mass-Killing: Optimal Strategies for Protecting Public Targets against Terrorist Attacks. Institutt for statsvitenskap PhD
19.01.2012 Silje Maria Haga Identifying risk factors for postpartum depressive symptoms: the importance of social support, self-efficacy, and emotion regulation. Psykologisk institutt PhD
19.01.2012 Gry Stålsett Existential and Religious Issues in Psychotherapy: Development and evaluation of a new treatment model (VITA) for comorbid depressive disorders. Psykologisk institutt PhD
20.01.2012 Egil Nygaard Posttraumatic stress reactions of Norwegian children and families after the Southeast Asian tsunami. Psykologisk institutt Dr.philos.
27.01.2012 Mona Bekkhus Pre- and postnatal risk research and behaviour problems in early childhood: A longtudinal cohort study from early pregnancy to 36 months. Psykologisk institutt PhD
27.01.2012 Dag Einar Thorsen The Politics of Freedom. A Study of the Political Thought of Isaiah Berlin and Karl Popper, and of the Neoliberal Challenge to Democracy. Institutt for statsvitenskap PhD
02.02.2012 Ramune Grambaite Preclinical and Mild Cognitive Impairment: Neuropsychological Profiles and Biomarkers. Psykologisk institutt PhD
03.02.2012 Jørgen Modalsli Growin Unequal. Essays on inequality, economic growth and development. Økonomisk institutt PhD
06.02.2012 Alf Børre Kanten Looking at the World from a Distance: Construal Level in Time Predictions and Counterfactual Thinking. Psykologisk institutt PhD
09.02.2012 Frida Slagstad Gullestad Is there an optimal treatment format for personality disorders? Findings from a randomized clinical trial. Psykologisk institutt PhD
10.02.2012 Halvor Hanisch Tangles in the Weave of Disability. On the structurality of disabling structures. Institutt for sosiologi og samfunnsgeografi PhD
20.02.2012 Torleif Halkjelsvik Predictions of Performance Time. Psykologisk institutt PhD
02.03.2012 Kjetil Arne van der Wel Social inequalities in sickness: structural change, welfare states and the life course. Institutt for sosiologi og samfunnsgeografi PhD
16.03.2012 Maria Gjølberg The Political Economy of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) - evidence from the Nordic countries. Institutt for statsvitenskap PhD
27.03.2012 Gunn Astrid Baugerud Maltreated and Non-Maltreated Children's True and False Memories: An Investigation into Maltreated Children Removed from Home by the Child Protective Services. Psykologisk institutt PhD
30.03.2012 Magnhild Mjåvatn Høie Psychosocial predictors and moderators of smoking cessation in three Norwegian samples. Psykologisk institutt PhD
30.03.2012 Jon Henrik Ziegler Remme Manifesting Potentials: Animism and Pentecostalism in Ifugao, the Philippines. Sosialantropologisk institutt PhD
17.04.2012 Marianne Bang Hansen Adolescent Gambling – A public Health Perspective. Psykologisk institutt PhD
20.04.2012 Gunnar Vittersø Ren idyll? Forbrukets betydning for bygdeutvikling med utgangspunkt i lokal mat og hytteliv. Institutt for sosiologi og samfunnsgeografi PhD
26.04.2012 Siri Hellevik Multisectoral Coordination of HIV/AIDS Programmes. A Study of Tanzania. Institutt for statsvitenskap PhD
02.05.2012 Øivind Solberg Trajectories of Maternal Mental Health: A prospective study of depression and anxiety symptoms in mothers of infants with congenital heart defects from pregnancy to 36 months postpartum. Psykologisk institutt PhD
03.05.2012 Hanne Weie Oddli Technical aspects in the initial alliance formation. Qualitative analyses of experienced therapists’ behaviour and post-treatment reflections. Psykologisk institutt PhD
09.05.2012 Leiv Einar Gabrielsen Life goals and meaning in adolescence: General and clinical perspectives. Psykologisk institutt PhD
10.05.2012 Tore Li Korporativt og storskalert gjennombrudd. Amerikanske, vesttyske og norske statsmakters engasjement i naturvitenskapelig og teknologisk forskning 1940-1965. Senter for teknologi, innovasjon og kultur Dr.philos.
11.05.2012 Kristin Brun Gustavson Depressive symptoms, life satisfaction, and relationship quality: A population based longitudinal study. Psykologisk institutt PhD
11.05.2012 Knut Ivar Karevold Reference points at work: Framing of performance, money and time in communication. Psykologisk institutt PhD
16.05.2012 Christian Sørhaug Holding house in crazy waters: An exploration of householding practices among the Warao, Orinoco Delta, Venezuela. Sosialantropologisk institutt PhD
24.05.2012 Marta Bivand Erdal Transnational ties and belonging: Remittances from Pakistani migrants in Norway. Institutt for sosiologi og samfunnsgeografi PhD
24.05.2012 Azak Schale Differential developmental pathways among children of depressed mothers. Psykologisk institutt PhD
01.06.2012 Monica Sarfi Vulnerable but adaptable. A longitudinal study of a national cohort of children born to women in opioid maintenance (OMT) treatment. Psykologisk institutt PhD
04.06.2012 Imac Zambrana Predicting delay in language development. A longitudinal cohort study from 18 months to 5 years of age. Psykologisk institutt PhD
11.06.2012 Marit Brochmann Bridge over Troubled Water. Interaction in International River Basins. Institutt for statsvitenskap PhD
11.06.2012 Marte Strøm Double income households. 4 essays on children, votes and parents' labor supply. Økonomisk institutt PhD
19.06.2012 Elisabeth Ugreinov Kvinner mellom arbeid og omsorgsforpliktelser – fokus på lønnsutvikling og sykefravær. Institutt for sosiologi og samfunnsgeografi PhD
26.06.2012 Andreas Engvig Linking brain and cognitive plasticity in aging. A longitudinal magnetic resonance imaging study of memory training in middle and late life. Psykologisk institutt PhD
27.06.2012 Melanie Straiton Understanding Self-harm: Perceptions, intentions and the role of gender. Psykologisk institutt PhD
09.08.2012 Martin Nome Kin State Intervention in Civil War. Institutt for statsvitenskap PhD
16.08.2012 Hilde Haualand Interpreting Ideals and Relaying Rights: A Comparative Study of Video Interpreting Services in Norway, Sweden and the United States. Sosialantropologisk institutt PhD
31.08.2012 Else-Marie Augusti Stimuli-Dependent And State-Dependent Effects of Emotion on Children's Executive Functions and Intentional Forgetting: Associations With Age and Socio-Emotional Adjustment. Psykologisk institutt PhD
05.09.2012 Tonje Gundersen Et ordinært og særegent foreldreskap. En studie av foreldre til barn med sjeldne medisinske tilstander. Institutt for sosiologi og samfunnsgeografi PhD
13.09.2012 Aina Olsvold Når ADHD kommer inn døren. En psykososial undersøkelse av barns, mødres og fedres forståelse og opplevelse av ADHD-diagnose og -medisinering. Psykologisk institutt PhD
14.09.2012 Cicilie Fagerlid The Stage is all the World, and the Players are mere Men and Women. Performance Poetry in Postcolonial Paris. Sosialantropologisk institutt PhD
14.09.2012 Rune Jonassen The Serotonin Transporter Polymorphism in Cognition: Intermediate Phenotypes associated with Emotion Regulation and Brain Function. Psykologisk institutt PhD
18.09.2012 Berhe M. Beyene Migration and Remitances: Evidences from Ethiopia. Økonomisk institutt PhD
19.09.2012 Bo Zhao Essays on macroeconomics with heterogeneous households and housing markets. Økonomisk institutt PhD
21.09.2012 Joshua Phelps Social psychological explorations of majority integration attitudes, group boundaries, and diversity ideologies in Norway. Psykologisk institutt PhD
21.09.2012 Nerina Weiss Ambivalent victims. Conflict, gender and expressions among Kurdish activists in Eastern Turkey. Sosialantropologisk institutt PhD
24.09.2012 Dag Vegard Skjelstad Symptoms and signs of the initial prodrome of bipolar II disorder. Psykologisk institutt PhD
27.09.2012 Christer Gulbrandsen Europeanization in a global context. A study of a national maritime safety agency’s work with global and European rules. Institutt for statsvitenskap PhD
27.09.2012 Christen Svenn Jensen Anticipating the Uncertain: Economic Modeling and Climate Change Policy. Økonomisk institutt PhD
28.09.2012 Rania Maktabi The politicization of the demos in the Middle East: Citizenship between membership and participation. Institutt for statsvitenskap PhD
12.10.2012 Elisabeth Hovdhaugen Leaving early: Individual, institutional and system perspectives on why Norwegian students leave their higher education institution before degree completion. Institutt for sosiologi og samfunnsgeografi PhD
12.10.2012 Ola L. Vestad Pension Reforms and the Labour Market: Wages, Retirement Age and Youth Employment. Økonomisk institutt PhD
25.10.2012 Gunvor Marie Dyrdal Living happily: Exploring the role of close relationships, having a child, and life stressors on stability and change in life satisfaction. Psykologisk institutt PhD
26.10.2012 Torill Sundet Siqveland Children born to mothers with substance abuse and psychiatric problems: Mother-infant interaction during the infant’s first year of life. Psykologisk institutt PhD
02.11.2012 Fartein Ask Torvik Familial consequences of alcohol use in the general population. Psykologisk institutt PhD
04.11.2012 Tone Drugligtrø Å skape en standard for velferd – Forsøksdyr i norsk biomedisin, 1953-1986. Senter for teknologi, innovasjon og kultur PhD
16.11.2012 Kristine von Simson Essays on Labor Market Attachment and Skill Formation. Økonomisk institutt PhD
28.11.2012 Aase Marthe Horrigmo Cultural connections. Culture as a tool for regional development in Nordic local and regional governments. Institutt for statsvitenskap PhD
28.11.2012 Marianne Løvstad Executive functions after focal lesions to the lateral, orbital and medial subdivisions of the prefrontal cortex – neuropsychological, behavioral and electrophysiological findings. Psykologisk institutt PhD
30.11.2012 Anne Grethe Solberg Et kjønnsperspektiv på innovasjonsledelse. Institutt for sosiologi og samfunnsgeografi PhD
06.12.2012 Kristine Stedal The Neuropsychological Performance of Patients with Anorexia Nervosa. Psykologisk institutt PhD
07.12.2012 Maria Teresa Grønning Dale Well-being among mothers of children with congenital heart defects. A prospective case-cohort study from pregnancy to 26 months after delivery. Psykologisk institutt PhD
11.12.2012 Karolne Seglem Predictors of psychological adjustment among young unaccompanied refugees after resettlement - a population-based study. Psykologisk institutt PhD
13.12.2012 Wendy Nilsen Depressive symptoms in adolescence: A longitudinal study of predictors, pathways, and consequences. Psykologisk institutt PhD
14.12.2012 Tor Håkon Inderberg Formal structure and culture: Organizational influence on adaptive capacity to climate change in quasi-public network sectors. Institutt for statsvitenskap PhD
14.12.2012 Anni Skipstein Symptoms of depression and anxiety during the child rearing period. A longitudinal study of Norwegian mothers. Psykologisk institutt PhD


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