Participants in European Strains

From the University of Oslo

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Karl Ove Moene Professor Emeritus +47 22855130 Income Employment and Welfare, International Economy, Resources Energy and Environment, Growth and Development, Economic Policy, Economics
Erling Barth
Oddbjørn Raaum
Thomas Hylland Eriksen Professor +47 22844128 +47 90050293 (mob) +47-90050293 Globalisation, Modernity, Culture, Identity, Norway, The Indian Ocean, Australia, Climate, Ethnicity, The Caribbean
Bernt Bratsberg
Maria Forthun Hoen
Stein Evju Emeritus professor +47-22859325 +47-90982695 (mob)
Scott Gates Professor +47 22841654 +47 91648367 (mob) International Politics, Bureaucratic Politics, Conflict, USA, Global South, Democracy
Tarjei Havnes
Silje Synnøve Lyder Hermansen Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22856159 +47-40499107 (mob) Comparative Politics, Judicial Politics, Quantitative Methods, European Parliament, Court of Justice of the European Union
Steinar Holden Head of Department +47 22855156 +47 48284416 (mob) +47 48284416 Economic Policy, Money, Credit and Finance, Economics, Income Employment and Welfare
Bjørn Høyland Professor +47 22858598 +47 48200104 (mob) Comparative politics, Methodology, EU, Legislative politics
Katinka Kristine Holtsmark Assistant Professor +47-22844021 +47 986 40 788 (mob) Growth and Development, Resources Energy and Environment, Economics, Income Employment and Welfare
Beata Smarzynska Javorcik
Carl Henrik Knutsen Professor +47 22854244 +47 90955708 (mob) Comparative Politics, Democracy, democratization, Dictatorship, Economic growth and development
Halvor Mehlum Professor +47 22855152 +47 92012484 (mob) Economics, Growth and Development, International Economy, Economic Policy, Income Employment and Welfare
Cathrine Thorleifsson Researcher +47 22855162 93094503 (mob) Political Anthropology, the Far Right, Nationalism, Identity and Ideology, Migration, Borders, Globalisation, Europe, Middle East, Israel
Trygve Larsen Morset
Andreas Moxnes Professor +47 22857048 +47 93458531 (mob) International Economy, Industry Market and Competition, Economics
Knut Røed
Kjetil Storesletten Professor +47 22844009 +47 41295405 (mob) Economics, Money Credit and Finance, Growth and Development, Income Employment and Welfare, Economic Policy, China
Karen Helene Ulltveit-Moe Professor +47 22 85 72 40 +47 95217050 (mob) International Economy, Industry Market and Competition, Growth and Development, Political Economics, Economic Policy, Economics, Income Employment and Welfare
Yudi Wen
You Wu Student