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ESOP seminar. Anastasios Dosis is an Assistant Professor at ESSEC Business School. He will present the paper: "Interest Rates and Selection Along the Business Cycle".

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ESOP seminar. Kurt Mitman is an Assistant Professor at the Institute for International Economic Studies at Stockholm University. He will present the paper: “The Curious Incidence of Shocks Along the Income Distribution”. Coauthored by Tobias Broer and John Kramer.

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ESOP seminar. Emily Blanchard is an Associate Professor at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College and a Research Fellow with the Center for Economic Policy Research. She will present the paper: "Did Trump's Trade War Impact the 2018 Election?". Coauthored by Chad P. Bown and Davin Chor.

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ESOP seminar. Johannes Fleck is a PhD Candidate in Economics at the European University Institute in Florence. He will present the paper "Public Insurance in Heterogeneous Fiscal Federations: Evidence from American Households”. Coauthored by Chima Simpson-Bell.

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ESOP seminar. Karen Hauge is a research fellow at the Frisch Centre. She will present the paper: "Culture and Gender Differences in Competitiveness". Coauthored by Andreas Kotsadam and Anine Riege.

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ESOP seminar. Kjetil Storesletten is a professor at the University of Oslo. He will present the paper: "Dissecting idiosyncratic income risk". Coauthored by Elin Halvorsen, Hans Holter and Serdar Ozkan.

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ESOP seminar. Ranveig Falch is a postdoctoral fellow at the Norwegian School of Economics. She will present the paper: "How Do People Trade Off Resources Between Quick and Slow Learners?".