ESOP workshop.

ESOP workshop. The 24th of September there will be a workshop hosted by ESOP, with Eliana La Ferrara in the center.

Photo of Eliana La Ferrara

Eliana La Ferrara

The workshop will be in room 1047 and the schedule of the workshop is:

09.15-09.55: Henrik Sigstad: Judicial subversion: Evidence from Brazil

10.05-10.45: Karen Hauge: Culture and the gender gap in willingness to compete.

10.55-11.35: Jo Thori Lind: Hand in hand we vote. The effect of spousal voting on electoral turnout

11.45-12.25: Sergio Ocampo: Self-Employment and Development Policies


13.15-14.15: Eliana La Ferrara: A stepping stone approach to understanding harmful norms: Theory and evidence from Somalia

14.25-15.05: Cloé Garnache: Does the salience of risk affect large, risky asset purchases?

15.15-15.55: Andreas Kotsadam: Jobs and intimate partner violence – Evidence from a Field Experiment in Ethiopia

16.05-16.45: Anders Kjelsrud: The Political Competition over Life and Death - Evidence from Infant Mortality in India

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