Eliana La Ferrara. Bocconi University. "Revealing Stereotypes: Evidence from Immigrants in Schools"

ESOP seminar. Eliana La Ferrara is a Professor at Bocconi University. She will present her paper: "Revealing Stereotypes: Evidence from Immigrants in Schools". Co-authored by A. Alesina, M. Carlana and P. Pinotti.

Photo of Eliana La Ferrara

Eliana La Ferrara


We investigate whether individuals who are made aware of their stereotypes change their behavior, studying teacher bias in Italian schools. Teachers give lower grades to immigrant students compared to natives with the same performance in standardized tests. Differences in grading are bigger for teachers with stronger stereotypes, elicited through an Implicit Association Test (IAT). We reveal teachers their own IAT score, randomizing the timing of disclosure. Teachers informed before grading increase grades assigned to immigrants. This result is driven by teachers who do not report explicit views against immigrants and who receive a more precise signal of their implicit bias. (Joint paper with A. Alesina, M. Carlana and P. Pinotti)

Published Sep. 18, 2019 2:23 PM - Last modified June 25, 2021 10:26 AM