The Raquel Fernández Workshop 2018: Change

This year's Raquel Fernández Workshop is devoted to the subject of change. Raquel Fernández will present ‘’Cultural Change’’.

Raquel Fernández is Professor of Economics at New York University and Adjunct Professor at ESOP.



09.00 - 09.45

Key-note presentation by Raquel Fernandez on ‘’Cultural Change’’

09.55 - 11.00

Gisle Natvik, Martin Holm, Andreas Fagereng and Benjamin Moll on changes in savings: "Saving Behavior across the wealth distribution"

Jo Thori Lind,  Halvor Mehlum, Obbjørn Raaum, Bernt Bratsberg and Andreas Kotsadam on changing turnouts: ''Voting like Grandpa''

11.00 - 11.15


11.15 - 12.20

Tone Ognedal on changing membership: ‘’Participation and Privileges’’

Kjetil Storesletten on changing China: "Barriers to Entry and Regional Economic Growth in China"



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