Workshop in Political Economics

ESOP Workshop.


1215-1300  Rune Sørensen (BI) Culture and school performance:  Evidence from second generation immigrants to Norway 
1300-1345  Henning Finseraas (ISF) Labor Market Competition with Immigrants and Party Choice (PDF) 
1345-1400  Break   
1400-1445  Askill Halse (UiO) Candidate gender discrimination when parties and voters interact 
1445-1530  Matteo Alpino (UiO) Would you vote for me if I lower your taxes? (PDF)
1530-1545  Break   
1545-1630  Jo Thori Lind (UiO) Spurious weather effects (PDF) 
1630-1715  Frode Nordvik (BI) Conflict Capacity and Civil War: Onshore versus Offshore Oil 
1715-1800 Andreas Kotsadam Exposure to Female Colleagues breaks the Glass Ceiling - Evidence from a combined Vignette and Field Experiment (PDF)



Host: Jo Thori Lind

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