European Strains Workshop

Workshop in the European Strains project.

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Workshop Programme

12:45 Welcoming remarks by Halvor Mehlum, ESOP, UiO
13:00 Henning Finseraas, ISF: Insurance and redistribution motives? Behaviours and beliefs in the welfare state (with Barth, Moene and Østbakken)
13:20 Oddbjørn Raaum, Frisch: Immigration impacts (with Bratsberg, Brunborg Hoen, Moxnes, Ulltveit Moe)
13:40 Bjørn Høyland, ISV, UiO: Delegation in the European Parliament (with Fang-Yi Chiou and Lyder Hermansen)
14:00 Break
14:20 Halvor Mehlum: The political economy of the welfare state (with Moene)
15:00 Cahtrine Moe Thorleifsson, SAI, UiO: Nationalist responses to the crisis in Europe: Old and new hatreds
15:50 Break
16:00 Jan-Paul Brekke, ISF: Little room to maneuver. A multi-level approach to asylum governance in Europe (with Brochmann)
16:20 Marianne Røed, ISF: Reduction or deflection? The effect of policy on interconnected asylum flows (with Brekke and Schøne)
16:40 Administrative issues
17:00 Dinner



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