Governance and Knowledge: The Politics of Foreign Investment, Technology and Ideas

By: Carl Henrik Knutsen and Helge Hveem


Routledge, London.


This book examines the politics of technology, and provides a detailed analysis of developments and debates within the European Union, international trade and governance.

An important empirical contribution to the literature on the relations between politics and technology, this volume contains empirical statistical studies based on a wide variety of different types of data, and includes expert contributions from different academic disciplines. With a selection of detailed case studies, this book is divided into three main sections:


  • The first part presents contributions on the role of domestic national policies for innovation and idea diffusion, including studies on Japan and the European Union.
  • The second part takes a critical look at how the international system of intellectual property rights access to knowledge, opportunities for development and health improvement, examining the TRIPS agreement and the European patent system.
  • The third part focuses on the role of foreign direct investment in innovation and idea diffusion, with studies on a wide range of cases using different, novel data material.

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