A Field Experiment of Discrimination in the Norwegian Housing Market: Gender, Class, and Ethnicity

By: Andreas Kotsadam, Lisa Anderssonand and Niklas Jakobsson

Published in:

Land Economics 88 (2), pages 233-240.


We test for gender, class, and ethnic discrimination in the Norwegian rental housing market by using fake application letters. Females, individuals with high job status, and ethnic Norwegians are more likely to receive positive responses. For example, being an Arabic man and working in a warehouse is associated with a 25 percentage point lower probability of receiving a positive response when showing interest in an apartment, as compared to an ethnically Norwegian female economist. We conclude that gender, class, and ethnic discrimination do exist in the Norwegian housing market, and ethnic discrimination seems to be the most prevalent form of discrimination.

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Published July 2, 2014 10:55 AM