Master Scholarship Recipients

ESOP Student Scholarship 2011

The Master Thesis Project
Sunniva Pettersen Eidsvoll How to obtain efficient food production under sub-optimal conditions
Tina Victoria Engelsrud En samfunnsøkonomisk analyse av deltagelsen i en åpen arkitektkonkurranse
Katinka Kristine Holtsmark Development aid and access to financial capital markets for developing countries
Endre Kildal Iversen Sykefravær og sosiale normer
Ole André Kjennerud The empirical relationship between democracy and economic growth in Hong Kong
Synne Klingenberg Immigrant Integration and the Welfare State
Camilla Nore Evaluation of the Norwegian NOx-Fund

Gender & Economics Scholarship 2011

The Master Thesis Project
Ranjit Kaur Microfinance as a pathway for poverty reduction and gender development
Sophie Kristoffersen Taxation, redistribution, and informal sector growth in developing countries
Carol Lorena Perez Romay Women’s empowerment as a mean to achieve economic growth

 Other ESOP Student Projects

The Master Thesis Project                          
Haakon P. Riekeles Examining the Bequest Motive using Micro-data
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