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Submission of written assignments - Department of Political Science

Technical standards

  • Requirements for word limit will vary. See "Examination" on the relevant course page for information about the word limit. The total amount of words shall include footnotes, but exclude references/bibliography.
  • Fonts are optional, but must be in accordance with standards that give approximately 375-400 words per page. We, however, recommend the use of Times New Roman with font size 12.
  • A4 is the standard page format. Left, right, top and bottom margins must be at least 2,5 cm. The text must be written with 1,5 line spacing.
  • Number all the pages.

The front page should contain

  • course code
  • semester and year
  • candidate number (do not write your name on the assignment)
  • word count (front page, list of references, table of content, table, figures and appendix are not included in the word count)
  • title

How to submit the assignment


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