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How to stay updated on your studies

The information on this page applies to all students at The Faculty of Social Sciences. If you are attending courses at other faculties they may have different information routines.

Check Mine studier

  • "Mine studier" is a personal portal where you can check your schedule and receive messages
  • You will also find links to your course pages and your study program if you are attending one
  • You can subscribe to your schedule 

Check UiO webpages

We expect you to always be updated on the information on these pages:

The information is updated for the following semester in the end of May/November. After this date further changes will be announced in Mine studier.

Check your UiO e-mail

  • The Faculty will only send e-mails to your UiO e-mail account
  • Set up e-mail forwarding to another account if  you don't check it regularly. IT services can help you with this.


  • If the courses you are attending use Canvas you will find a link on the semester page
  • You hand in home assingnments in Canvas


  • You have to use the portal StudentWeb to register as a student each semester
  • You will also find details about your exams, and your exam results
  • Check 'My active courses' to see your course registrations

Events, jobs and scholarships

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