Rules and regulations

These are the rules and regulations governing the Master's thesis and oral exam. Please read these carefully to ensure your thesis and oral presentation are in line with the Department's expectations and demands

Master’s thesis: Rules and requirements

The Master's thesis: Rules and requirements are approved by the Programme council at the Department of Economics, 18.11.2014, 24/2014. and 03.10.2017, 33/2017 (4).

The thesis is evaluated with an A –F grading, with A as the best and E as the weakest passing grade. F is fail. The thesis must meet the following requirements:

  • The thesis should address a clearly stated problem (For further information please read Choosing a topic
  • The thesis should represent an independent contribution. The topic of the thesis may be chosen from all fields taught and researched at the Department of Economics.
  • The thesis should be in accordance with the style of scientific writing in economics and related disciplines. The exposition must be clear and the argument coherent. Standard practice for citing the works of others should be followed, including an appropriately edited list of references. For further information about the citations in Econmics please see Format of the thesis (for general information about the use of sources and citation click here).
  • The thesis should be the outcome of a work effort equivalent to one term (5 months) of full study. The recommended length is 40-60 pages.
  • Supervision can be organized and conducted in different ways. This is left to the supervisor and the student to choose. Supervision is mandatory. The supervision period should be of reasonable length, and should cover all stages of the process of writing the master thesis, including the discussion of draft versions of (parts of) the thesis. 
  • It is not permitted to submit a thesis/paper that is part of a previous degree.
  • A joint thesis by two or more students is acceptable provided that each one is responsible for delimited and clearly defined part that can be evaluated separately. The joint thesis may also have parts with joint responsibility.
  • Incorporation of text, tables, graphs etc copied without citing the source is totally unacceptable. This also applies to material taken from the student's own previous work.
  • The thesis must be written in Norwegian, Danish, Swedish or English. The student may apply for permission to write in another language.
  • The thesis must have the format specified by the Department of Economics.
  • The administrative guidelines for registration of the thesis, and deadlines for submission must be adhered to.

Final oral exam: Rules and requirements

The Department of Economics will arrange an oral exam after you have handed in your thesis.

Students present the master thesis (15 min) which is followed by a questions and answers session (20 min). Immediately after the oral examination, the committee will set the grade. Students are then notified and given a short explanation for the result.

The purpose of the examination is threefold:

  1. to confirm that students indeed wrote the thesis themselves
  2. to investigate students' understanding of the topic and research methods
  3. to test their ability to critically reflect on the strength and weaknesses of the work

Thus, the questions that will be posed during the oral examination will be linked to the thesis and will inquire about the relevant knowledge, skills and competencies of the student. They may, for example, relate to the research question, the structure of the thesis, comprehension of the relevant economic theory and methods and possible improvements of the thesis.

  • The oral exam should have a duration of 45 minutes.
  • The grades give are A –F, with A as the best and E as the weakest passing grade. F is fail.
  • The oral exam is open to the Public.
  • The oral exam commences with the examinee giving a presentation of her/his thesis for up to 15 minutes. Prepared manuscripts or PowerPoint presentations are allowed.
  • The examinee should then be asked questions in relation to the thesis for no longer than 20 minutes.
  • The grade will be based on the thesis, but will also take account of the performance at the oral examination.
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